Social Media Can Only Distort Our Views If We Let It

Social Media Can Only Distort Our Views If We Let It

But living in a generation based on likes can make it hard.

Julián Gentilezza

If no one ever told you what love was, what would you think it was? It’s frightening to think that this generation may see love in a different way than it is designed to be because of technology. The common theme of a picture perfect relationship is ever present via social media, and almost everyone has access to it.

Ideal couples have become the ones who utilize their social media to show each other off. Often even personal goals have become relationship oriented. We have become obsessed with the unattainable--perfection. Photos allow us to capture one another at our best; in our best moment, at the height of our looks.

Not only have relationships become pressured by this perfect standard that most of us view every day, but people have begun to believe that things are as they seem. This is a dangerous idea to buy into, especially for impressionable minds. In addition to unattainable relationship standards, social media has exposed people to unrealistic body standards.

The children and teenagers today see photoshopped and heavily edited images on Instagram and have no reason not to believe that those images are fabricated, even though they very possibly could be.

Even in this day and age, it's important to live beyond our screens, especially when we feel pressured by the images we see. Separating the world from the world within our phones can be challenging, but when we judge what our lives should be like based on our best photo during our happiest time, we are unlikely to feel the same happiness.

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