Why You Should Keep Your Friends Close When Social Distancing
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There's No Better Time To Keep Your Friends Close Than When You're Social Distancing

Check in on your friends.

There's No Better Time To Keep Your Friends Close Than When You're Social Distancing

We are living in a strange world right now but we have to keep moving on.

Something I have noticed from other people in this situation is the loneliness that comes with it.

Just because people have to social distance and isolate right now does not mean you can just blow off your friends and people who care about you.

This is a time to come together to make sure everybody is doing OK.

Yes, you will not be able to see these people (although Skype and Zoom exists), but that does not mean you still can't enjoy time together. It just will not be in the same place.

Most college students are stuck home right now and have no one to talk to except the people they live with. While talking to those people can be nice in most situations, it is also nice to reach out to your friends and other loved ones to see how they are doing in this situation.

Do not let this event be a barrier to your friendships. Now is the time to step it up and show people you care about them.

There are people who say they hate texting or hate talking on the phone (I am one of those) but there has to be some way for you to communicate with the outside world right now. Becoming a social hermit will only negatively impact your mental health.

People are dealing with a lot right now and could use the comfort of knowing their friends care about them. So, if someone messages you, respond to them (unless it is someone you absolutely cannot stand).

Be the person you want others to be like. If you want your friends to talk to you, then you have to also talk to them.

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