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Even A Social Butterfly Needs To Fly Out Of The Spotlight Sometimes

Having to fulfill the need to be the most social person in a room can be tiresome, and there's nothing wrong with breaking that routine.

Even A Social Butterfly Needs To Fly Out Of The Spotlight Sometimes

Day-to-day, night-to-night, every sunrise to sunset, there are some people who absolutely thrive on socialization. Some people constantly crave the attention, satisfaction, and effortless friendships that are born from mere chit-chat because someone flourishes at small talk. However, even as every social butterfly may reach the top rung of the ladder with every conversation, they inevitably have to come down from the highest point eventually.

Social butterflies can be perceived as the most flirtatious, flattering, and frequently obnoxious (you know it's the truth if you've ever been cornered by someone who can't stop the flow of conversation after you've tried to exit the scene), people you may ever stumble upon. They consistently have just enough charm to strike up a conversation with anyone from one end of the room to the other, and conveniently have the ability to maintain a conversation to keep anyone captivated or intrigued.

However, having to feed the constant need for socialization can be tiresome. Everyone knows the saying, "what comes up must come down", and it cannot ring to be truer in the case of those people who just can't get enough of hearing their own voice.

The charisma held by social butterflies is what keeps them flitting from conversation to conversation so effortlessly. They talk, chat, tell stories and jokes, but even as the spotlight continues to keep them on their toes there is always a need to wind down.

Every so often, social butterflies retract from the spotlight of their dinner parties, office chit-chats, and the majority of situations they would usually be the center of attention during. The most common example is, obviously, when we see celebrities taking a step back from the fame and the cameras to collect themselves. However, this happens to everyone that's gotten to the point of being over-stimulated by socializing maybe a little too much.

It's refreshing to take a step back and not have to worry about fulfilling the need to be the most social person in the room. Taking the chance to just sit back, relax, and curl up with your laptop open playing the next episode of Friends or whatever is being binge-watched, rather than going out to a party is the sign of a social butterfly finally landing.

When you see a friend who's usually the life of the party (the one who's always making conversation to every person within range) finally taking a break from their routinely social outings, they've stepped back from the spotlight.

Most of the time a social butterfly who has spent their days thriving on a conversation taking some individual time to themselves is seen as a good thing. I mean, batteries need recharging when they've run out of energy, right?

Every social butterfly absolutely loves the attention they receive from their peers, and strangers they've struck up conversations with, but once they've reached their high they either do one of two things: they slowly wind back down or they crash all at once.

If your friends have ever named you the social butterfly of the group, don't be afraid to shy away from their expectations or even your own (having to satisfy the craving, or need, to talk max out your conversation topics for the day). People depend on the social butterflies to get them to parties, help them meet new people, and most importantly to teach them how to be so charismatic and charming when a conversation begins to fade.

However, there's nothing wrong with needing to take the time to yourself to recharge, social butterfly, and oftentimes you may find that you absolutely need that night in without the buzzing and stimulation that comes from your social high.

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