So, What Exactly Are Healing Crystals?
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So, What Exactly Are Healing Crystals?

In mainstream society crystals are rocks that look pretty and come in different colors. Many are aware of words such as "quartz" or "amethyst", especially those who know their birth stones. But why are these "rocks" collectable and used in so many cultures and spiritualities. Here is a run down of the basics, why/how they work, and where you can find those right for you.

So, What Exactly Are Healing Crystals?

I first became interested in crystals a few summers ago when I found a metaphysical store in my downtown area. These small rocks with different colors, luster, and textures all possessed different properties that were meant to heal and treat issues. I was skeptical at first, but I was drawn to them and willing to give it a try. Now I have many that help bring me peace and open my mind to the light life has to offer.

Crystals allow energy to flow through them and are also able to direct energy as well as absorb to cleanse it. According to The First Law of Thermodynamics, energy cannot be created or destroyed and is transformed, manifesting itself into other forms of life. As human beings, everything we do carries a form of energy: our actions, our words, our intentions, our emotions, our physical feelings, etc. So using this logic, an element with the intention of creating a flow of good energy, as well as connecting to the different energy heavy points within our body such as our pineal gland or "third eye", or our heart which beats to keep our blood flowing and our organs healthy, will benefit by this tool used for centuries. Crystal healing dates all the way back to the 1600s. Crystals have been used by many religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Native cultures and Egyptians ( They have been used as symbols or hope, luck, and honor throughout the years as well as believed to protect and cleanse energy.

Now that you understand the history of crystals, it's time to begin learning about the basic and most popular stones! This will assist you in finding the right one for your needs.

Clear Quartz:

This Quartz is a white/clear crystal that is known as a "master healer" and helps amplify other crystal's properties. It absorbs and regulates energies while stimulating the immune system, aiding memory, and balancing out the body.

Rose Quartz:

This light pink crystal is phenomenal with love and relationships. This is good for creating harmony in partnerships of any kind. It creates a sense of trust, calmness, and comfort. It is also used for self love and appreciation.


This name might ring a bell to those born in February, since it is the birthstone of that month! This purple purifier helps to heal, protect, and open the third eye. It is great for spirituality, sobriety, sleep, and stress.


This golden crystal is a stone of prosperity and joy. It is said to bring optimism and release of negativity, creating warmth and clarity.


This black grounding stone shields negativity of any kind. It is great for centering and strength, helping one find truth and clarity. It helps with pain and detoxifying the physical.

Information found:

And personal experience!

These are a few of my favorites and are great starters for someone looking to try them out. Crystals usually range from $2-8 for a pocket sized stone but many places sell larger specialty items as well. To find crystals visit your local metaphysical store or support small businesses and order off of Etsy or other websites selling crystals. Best of luck on your spiritual journey!

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