In today's world, with all the modern technologies that we have at our fingertips every miniscule moment seems to deem celebration. The smallest events somehow always make their way into entertainment news, and we have cameras that are almost DSLR quality in our back pockets, it makes sense that everything is now an Instagram worthy moment, so consider the amount of attention and celebration a birthday could gain? All the likes, comments, shares, and people wishing they could be you, it seems like it's an opportunity any tech loving millennial couldn't pass up, right? Here's the thing, my birthday is approaching faster than the end of the quarter and I couldn't care less about marking the day.

Now I realize the common thought after reading that is something along the lines of “why” or “what happened” when in reality, nothing happened. I come from a loving family where everyone other than occasionally my overworked dad wishes me happy birthday on midnight and spend the day pampering me with gifts and compliments. Extended family all call in and give me an abundance of blessings. My best friend is always hyped a month in advance, and my boyfriend acts as if I was born everyday in March, spending the whole month showering me with extra small gifts and affection. It’s not that I hate my birthday, or dread the attention the day brings, I just don’t see the purpose of the day.

Don’t get me wrong, I love birthdays in general and am always at the frontlines of planning when it comes to celebrating the lives of the ones I love, but for my own birthday I just don’t see the point. Other than the increased amount of attention you get, nothing significant happens. As a person who loves life and make an attempt to give everyday a goal and a purpose, I believe that even though your birthday marks a personally officially growing another year older, 99% of the time none of the growing happens on your actual birthday.

You grow when you're faced with challenges, or discover a new thing about yourself, or even do something as little as helping out a friend or stranger. Growth comes from all the little tasks you complete during the year that teach you something new, not from the one day a year where everything is centered around you and the fact you're still alive. Although attention is something nice to have every once in a while, I feel for me personally receiving it all because I lived to see another year doesnt make me as happy as receiving it when I’ve gone out of my way to do something that truly deserves the recognition and celebration.

So yes, if anyone approaches me to wish me a happy birthday I will genuinely thank them for it. And yes if close friends of family want to get my a gift to celebrate the occasion I will graciously accept it (even if I think it's unnecessary). But no, I am not putting an emphasis on or even attempting to celebrate my birthday as it approaches, and its not because I hate my birthday or anything about it, but I pride myself in trying to find purpose in everyday or the year, and living everyday like it is my last, making all attempts to grow in the process. A single day of the year doesn’t define my growth, and to me all growth is a celebration.