The First Snowfall, Told By "Bob's Burgers"

Ah, the first snowfall of the year. Some will be elated in the frozen flurries falling from the sky, however, there are others who are disgusted by the thought of it. Sure it's pretty to look at especially when the sunlight makes the greatest photos, but the other days we're left with the cold slop on the ground. Here's the first snow experience of the year, as told by "Bob's Burgers".

1. When the weatherman tells you to expect 2-4 inches and you end up with 12 inches.

There's nothing worse than looking out the window and seeing the white blanket of snow.

2. When you wake up and have to accept the harsh reality of the snow.

At some point, you have to accept the fact you have to leave the house.

3. Trying to dress to keep yourself from freezing.

Let's play a game called how many layers am I wearing?

4. And you'd give anything to be laying on a warm beach somewhere.

How much longer does this winter thing last?

5. You're forced to stay inside because you weren't made to handle snow.

Snow on the ground? SorryI can't leave the conditions are treacherous.

6. And your friends are fed up with your constant complaining.

They don't call you a drama queen for nothing.

7. Accepting the fact that you're going to have to accept the snow.

I can do this but I won't be happy about it.

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