There's Only One Real Reason I Like Winter

There's Only One Real Reason I Like Winter

Why snow is the only good thing about winter to me.


Last winter started a little early. Prior to the last day of finals for the Fall 2017 semester, there came a big snow. Most of the meteorologists were projecting around 2-4 inches.

That forecast well underperformed, as some places in Jacksonville, got over a foot of snow. It was an interesting situation, as we all got to have fun playing on the snow on campus and getting to spend an extra weekend with friends, for the few of us that had finals that were originally scheduled for that Friday moved to the following Monday.

One of the main reasons snow is one of the only things I like about winter is because no matter how old you are, you can always have fun in the snow. One of my favorite things to do in the snow is to sled down the ramp that we have on our back porch, with Roxie following behind. My dachshund Dixie usually loves to play in the snow as well. She usually runs around and around in circles, sometimes chasing Roxie, a boxer/lab mix.

The main reason I like the snow, however, is because of the opportunity to make snow cream. It is a tradition in my family to make snow cream every time it snows. Sometimes, we end up making enough to last us into the summer, and it is a tasty treat to cool off with during the heat of the summer.

The snow also makes many things beautiful in Alabama. The already beautiful Jacksonville State campus was even more beautiful in the snows of last winter. Walking to church the following Sunday, I noticed that the church looked like something out of a Norman Rockwell postcard in the snow. It was truly a sight to behold!

While snow isn't always a given in any winter in Alabama, it is always a fun time when it does snow here.

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To The High School Senior, It's Not All About College Applications

Finish strong, be mindful of your needs, and live in peace.


I wish I could have said this all last year, that you will never have it as easy as you do right now. It's the end of the road for childhood and you're wondering what else do I do with my life now that I'm going to college? It's a mix of emotions and feelings that are hard to process. My goal is telling you this is the year to do everything fun and live like you haven't before. This doesn't mean skip school on the daily and get bad grades(it matters until the end because of college).

But above all else, don't let college applications define your year. People think applying to college is the story of what happens senior year(which is mostly true but I promise that is not the only thing that matters). There is so much more to life than college applications and laughing how everyone becomes depressed their last year from being around the same people. If I could tell myself last year, it would be this:

First, it would be to not argue with people at all. This last year is simply too scared to fight and argue with people over nothing. Do your best to be kind to everyone and not cause problems for other people. Everyone deserves to have a nice senior year.

Second, enjoy being able to live in your own room and not share with anyone else. Once you get to college there's going to be a lot of unnecessary noise that you sort of get used to living with.

Next, do not take an abundance of college classes. They're only going to help you but so much and you're not going to want to do the work anyway. Don't be one of those people who does this and doesn't feel the need to have a social life. It's no joke, recognize you're human and be mindful of your needs.

In addition, there is no such thing as a perfect school. Every school has its flaws and most of the time when people say yes, they're saying yes to the marketing campaign the school has. There is a large difference between the marketing campaign for the school and actually living there. It's always good to go to your top school and tour a second time so you know what definitely fits you.

Most importantly, do not be too consumed in your cell phone and pretend that you don't care about anything. That's like a lame childish response pretending you don't have feelings. And for those that still think this is the way to go, I can't wait until you take a sociology class and learn about how humans are dependent on one another.

Appreciate everything mom and dad have done for you. Do not fuss about what is put on the dinner table, and instead be grateful that they took their time to prepare a meal for YOU. Nothing compares to mom's home-cooked meals. Because that dining hall food can really mess you up.

You will be working the 9-5 all day every day. There will be more work, you will be stressed out about reading around 300 pages of material per week, and have the stress of having two tests as the only semester grades.

Lastly, you will actually have to adult for the first time ever in college and find what keeps you motivated. It's not a hand holding game with constant support. You have the opportunity to do a lot by yourself but also with others.

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Ladies, Saying You Hate Feminism Makes You Sound Ignorant

Saying "I hate feminism" is equivalent to saying "I hate having rights and being treated fairly."


In the last few years, being a "feminist" has become a bit of a trend. It is very common to see women protesting for fair pay, equal rights, and other issues that effect women. Even more recently, however, it has become a trend to not be a feminist, and some women have even gone as far as to say they hate feminism.

I could understand if they were saying "I hate modern feminism" or even "I hate the way being a feminist is portrayed," but saying you hate feminism is basically equivalent to saying you hate having rights. Early feminists fought for your right to vote. Feminism is what allows you to work jobs that are more traditionally masculine if you want.

Feminists fight for equal pay and fair working conditions between genders. Feminists have been fighting since basically forever for women to have the same basic human rights as men.

If it weren't for feminism, women would not have a voice. Period. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Feminism isn't just about "freeing the nipple" and abortion rights (although those issues are important and should definitely be discussed too, regardless of which way you believe.) It's not "abolish dress codes altogether" it's "make dress codes just as strict on boys as girls and value our education as much as you value theirs."

Feminism, in its truest form, isn't "women are better than men," but "women are equal to men." We don't want more rights than men or to be allowed more freedoms than men are allowed, we simply want those same rights and freedoms to start with.

I beg you, before you say "I hate feminism," do some research and learn what true feminism actually is. Understand that you can be a conservative republican and still be a feminist. You can be religious and still support feminist ideals. Don't limit yourself to a stereotype, and don't let social media trick you into thinking that feminism is all about marching naked down the street.

Feminism is about supporting and empowering other women, and wanting them to be treated fairly. It's about women banding together and fighting for what is right, not just for ourselves, but for our fellow women. And that looks different to everyone. And maybe that's okay.

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