I'm Secure In My Relationship, But I Still Stress Over My Snapstreak

So apparently, I’m not the only one to send the daily “OMG, we’re about to lose our Snapstreak, QUICCCCKKK!!??” Snapchat?

Like you, I’m very annoyed by the “happy blah-blah day So-and-so” on everyone’s story, but I do indeed stress about Snapstreaks and feel like there’s a hole in my heart when I lose one.

Why is it important? It’s not, especially being in a relationship for almost five years and having a best friend that I share more than half of my lifetime memories with. But it’s comforting to know that someone’s felt the need to keep in contact with you every day for so many days.

Even though the little gesture is silly, it’s a reassuring fact that you know someone does, in fact, love you and treasures your daily picture.

I enjoy the funny pictures of your face distorted from a funny filter, and you better believe I’m using them as blackmail.

No, my relationships aren't based on a shared Snapstreak, and they never will be. They are built around love, laughter, and enjoying each other’s company. They are about doing absolutely nothing together and being 110% content just snuggling. They are about being each other’s rock and bringing out the best in each other.

The investable, “OMG we lost our 429-day streak!!!?!?!?” Snapchat is going to happen at some point, but I promise not to end our relationship because you were "too busy" to Snapchat me back.

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