Snakes and Lattes Is A Must-Visit In Arizona
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It's Time That Snakes And Lattes Got The Recognition It Deserves

Take a break from the phones at the dinner table and play a board game!

It's Time That Snakes And Lattes Got The Recognition It Deserves
Katelyn Siltman

As the summer in Arizona goes into full swing, it is difficult to find things to do out here in the desert without dying of heatstroke. Activities like hiking are limited to the early morning or evening hours.

However, there is a restaurant down in Tempe that has wonderful air-conditioning and has one of the best business ideas in the restaurant world out there. It's called Snakes and Lattes.

Snakes and Lattes is a restaurant located just outside Arizona State University's main campus. It's a restaurant, coffee shop, bar and board game place. Yes, you read that correctly, board games.

For a five-dollar fee per person, at Snakes and Lattes you can order all the coffee, boozy drinks, and food that you want whilst having a selection of over 800 board games to play. And best of all, you can play and stay as long as you like. With a friendly waitstaff, if you or your crew is feeling fickle or overwhelmed by choices, the employees at Snakes and Lattes will assist you in finding the perfect board game to play and help pair the perfect treat to munch on while you play.

With tables for two to groups of twenty, you can go to this restaurant for just about any occasion. Celebrating a birthday, girls' night out, a Saturday for the boys, or even just a casual date night.

The menu for the restaurant is simple, yet delicious. There are delicious food options for those with every dietary need. From vegan to vegetarian, to allergies, to no restrictions, no one will have an issue finding something tasty on their menu.

Their drink menu is reasonably priced and creative, great for a cheap, yet fun girls or a guys night out. Not a drinker? Their coffee menu is just as great as their drinks! You can find coffee from Frappuccinos to expressos. Planning on playing an intense game of Risk? Have no fret for you can still find coffee at this restaurant that will keep you up and alert throughout the entire game.

They are a limited selection for their dessert menu; however, with only three options each dessert is worth having a cheat day for. Their funnel cake fries are a personal favorite of mine.

The best part about Snakes and Lattes is that everyone is enjoying a meal together while being in the moment of a board game, rather than being in the moment on what is happening on their phone.

After taking my own group of friends to this restaurant, the only complaint was that everyone had to pay a $5 fee to play the board games in addition to eating the food. However, with the food and drinks were reasonably priced, you can still make a cheap date or cheap game night with the friends do-able.

Snakes and Lattes is a one of a kind business that everyone needs to check out now. So what are you waiting for? Go call your girl or your friends and make plans now!

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