We all have at least one smell that we secretly like, but probably shouldn't. Some people really like some odd things when we really get down to it. What odd smell do you secretly love? Did it make the list? Comment with your secret favorite smell!

1. Gasoline

Nothing better than the gas station. We all know gas stinks and inhaling it is obviously not good, but man, you just can't beat it.

2. Your own fart

We as humans are disgusting, but we love it. The riper the better!

3. Spray paint.

*Shakes Can* *Spshhhhh* *Ahh*

4. Sharpies.

The king-sized sharpies are the best. Hands down.

5. Chlorine.

Swimming pools smell bomb.

6. Cow patties.

If you're from a farming town or grew up on the farm, the smell of cattle and their manure really make the nostalgia kick in.

7. Your own b.o.

*Wipes fingers under arms* Man that stinks. *Continues to smell*

8. Skunks.

This one isn't for me, but some of you weird humans like the smell of these rank little creatures.

9. Tanning beds a.k.a. burnt skin.

It burns so good.

10. County fairs.

The smell of funnel cake, corn dogs, lemonade and the livestock show all together make the perfect smell.

11. Babies.

Do they really smell as cute as they look? Babies have a distinct smell and we love it.

12. Leather.

Mmmmm smells expensive.

13. Your stinky shoes.

Gross, but highly satisfying.

14. Favorite sports equipment.

New balls smell the best!

15. Freshly-cut grass.

Ahhh smell the allergies.

16. The hot ground after it rains.

Its a smell, a smelly smell, the kind of smelly smell that we secretly love.

17. Your favorite pet.

Even when they need a bath, they smell like home.

18. The colorful car wash soap.

This smell isn't even weird. It's awesome.

19. Cigarette smoke.

Smell the cancer.

20. Hot glue.

Melting plastic, what's not to love?