First, to define the SMART GOAL Guidelines by my Lifetime Fitness Professors/Coaches:

S = Specific (Exactly what are you going to achieve?)

M = Measurable (Set a measurable target so you know when you reach your goal.)

A = Achievable (Be sure your goal is something that you can achieve. Be true to yourself)

R = Realistic (Be realistic about the goal you are focusing on at this point in time.)

T = Time Frame (Set a date for when you want to achieve your goal.)

Nutrition Goal:

My nutrition goal would have to be to eat healthier in terms of replacing more fatty and tempting foods with healthier ones. I will have to have an idea of what I want to eat before heading to the dining hall and limit the number of plates I get and stick with the plan. I always need to have a bowl of salad and fruit, and then find myself a plate full of mainly some kind of non-fried protein and some type of whole-grain, or a honey wheat/whole-grain sandwich packed with a lot of protein, vegetables, and no chips.

When I do feel tempted to eat something not as healthy, I must first finish all of my fruits and vegetables first before grabbing a small portion of it or replace the unhealthiness with another source of food like a sandwich, PB&J, cereal, or some other source of vegetable or fruit. I am only allowed one cookie a day on the days that I do workout and train. If I am tempted to eat sweets on days I have not worked out, I will grab honey nut cheerios with milk, or a PB&J sandwich. I am allowed one cheat day every two weeks, it will be on a Friday night. I will continue with this goal until the end of the school year.

Strength Training Goal:

My strength training goal would be to increase the number of weights I do while squatting, deadlifting, and anything arm related. I would like to do a total of at least three pull-ups by myself by the end of the school year. My current squat number I can do eight reps of is 115 Ibs, and for deadlift, it is 115 lbs. My goal is to add 10 more Ibs on both sides for both by the end of February. I normally use 12.5 Ibs a bit more comfortable, but I'd like to comfortably use 15 Ibs weights instead by the end of the school year. I will do this by strength training in the gym at least two or three times in the week all the way up until the end of the school year.

Cardio Goal:

My cardio goal is to be able to run a half marathon by March 23rd. By doing so, I need to run at least five to six times a week with proper nutrition (following my nutrition goal) and rest well enough too. I have to start increasing the amount I run daily and weekly in order to obtain the best results in being able to run a full 13.1-mile run. From now until March, I need to begin by running three to four miles a day, incorporating cross training like swimming, biking, and strength training, then increasing the mileage two to three miles at a time by a week and have a long run day at the end of the week plus two or three miles.