Spring Break 2k18! Finally, no school work. I can relax and catch up on sleep and see my family! It all sounds amazing until you are back in your rinky-dink hometown and remember that there is absolutely nothing to do.

1. Where'd all the traffic go?

On the way home from school, the traffic slowly dwindled and I could breathe again. No traffic, no problem.

2. Mom, can we go to the one local restaurant that is a staple?

Yep, anyone from a small town can relate to this one. Once I eat there (which is usually within the first few days), there's no other food establishment to go to that I couldn't get at school.

3. Are any of my high school friends home from school, too?

Well, let me hit up the approximately 4 friends I still keep in touch with to see if they're home, too. We can commiserate together.

4. I've been taking *insert college town* for granted

I never realized just how much Charlottesville offered until this spring break, it seems. Even without a car, I can do more within walking distance there than I could within the whole perimeters of my hometown.

5. Why in the world did I get rid of my Netflix?

This one is a little specific to me, as I just got rid of my Netflix account a couple of months ago. There have been multiple times whilst at home that I've come dangerously close to reactivating it. And if you do have Netflix, HBO, Hulu, etc., I'm sure it's been your best friend this week.

6. I'm going to drive to... nowhere

I've gotten so bored over break that I've literally hopped in my car to drive nowhere. Driving aimlessly is more fun than just sitting around staring at walls... at least you can blast music in your car.

7. I can't believe I survived 18 years here

I never realized how small my hometown really was until I went to college. But now that I do, I don't know how I survived. With one small movie theater and one bowling alley summing up the "entertainment," I laugh at what my teenage-self had to settle for. Each place here has a memory, for better or for worse.

8. It's only Wednesday?

Only half of Spring Break is over? How in the world am I going to last another 4 days? Please take me back to Charlottesville ASAP.