These are all things you've heard of before. This list contains common knowledge on how to be healthier. Tiny tweaks in your everyday routine will create enormous changes that will leave you feeling like you are trying your absolute best to nourish your body and soul!

Stop making excuses and begin maintaining a lifestyle that makes you proud. As cheesy as it sounds, making time to provide sustenance for your mind, as well as your hardworking body, will allow you to experience life in an even more satisfying way!

1. Read For 30 Minutes Before Bed

We all love a good show or satisfying scroll before bed, but as science would have it, our brains don't appreciate the lights as our bodies are trying to doze off. According to, we need at least 30 minutes of a screen-free environment to establish a REM sleep without the presence of artificial blue lights, like our phones and TVs. Reading at night is a great way to cut this bad habit out. And you'll create a new habit that encourages retaining knowledge and better sleep!

2. Drink More Water

This is one of those things you're steadily reminded to do throughout life, but never quite hammer out the proper daily water intake. When consuming at least eight glasses of water, it's been proven to provide a variety of health benefits. A few of these include improved circulation and blood flow, decreased the appearance of wrinkles, flushed toxins, and boosted metabolism. Buy a new water bottle and make a point of drinking from it every hour. Quickly you'll find that drinking more water has infinite pros!

3. Stretch For 10 Minutes In The Morning

Instead of mashing snooze on your alarm multiple times, roll out of bed and conquer the day with a deep stretch. Nothing will get you ready and awake for your busy days like a satisfying session of yoga or just casual stretching, except maybe coffee! Taking the time to energize your body is vital when starting a fresh day and relieving any tension from the previous night's sleep. It makes such a massive difference for your muscles and sets the stage for a productive day!

4. Practice Meal Prepping

So meal prepping isn't exactly the most exciting activity to partake in, but it is an excellent way to slash expenses by limiting eating out and nurture healthy eating! Pop on an audiobook, blast your favorite music or put on a lowkey movie and set to work preparing your meals for the week. Honestly, meal prepping has become one of my favorite rituals. It makes getting food out far more special, and I'm already noticing positive results with my diet from practicing meal prep! Although it does take some getting used to, it's one of the most rewarding habits to form for both your body and wallet.

5. Create A Budget And Stick To It

No one wants to hear they need to start planning for the future and stop treating themselves so much. It's true, creating a budget is certainly not a fun process, but it will ensure a sound bank account for when annoying things like a flat tire or medical expenses unexpectedly surface. No more being afraid to check your account. Real adulting begins with preparing for the unforeseen and saving for goals. The good news is that this is a simple task that will be a weight off of your shoulders once established and allow for less stress as you find your confidence with budget planning.

6. Go Outside More Often

A little D can go a long way! Sometimes just stepping outside can be more therapeutic than ever imagined! Basking in the sun and exploring the outdoors can supply great mental and physical health improvements. Spending time out in mother nature can lead to stress relief and lower blood pressure. Not to mention the calming effect of enjoying a break from reality to appreciate the beauty of the world we don't always have time to observe. Just by getting out of a room can be immensely freeing and lead to a substantial shift in mood.

7. Cut Soda Out

Stop. Drinking. Soda. There, I said it. I know you didn't want to hear it, but it's seriously holding you back from feeling alert and cause real turmoil for your body, including destroying teeth and contributing to onset diabetes. Sure, it's delicious and bubbly, but it's not worth drinking when considering the countless risks involved. Weight gain, heart disease, and pollution are all consequences of drinking soda. Instead, replace soda with water or a different carbonation treat like the occasional beer or sparkling water!

8. Try To Exercise At Least 5 Days A Week

We all know that exercising regularly helps our body fend off illnesses, increase endurance, improve mental and physical health, and helps us live longer. Training your body will positively affect most aspects of your life with immediate and long-term benefits. Although making it to the gym to workout can be a drag, but it all adds up. Knowing you are strong enough to overcome obstacles opens your eyes to how much you can accomplish some effort and practice! Truly one of the most gratifying realizations.

9. Surround Yourself With People Who Inspire You

Keeping good company can be a daunting task, especially when entering a transition phase of life and establishing a job in a new environment after finishing school. Finding the people who make you feel lighter than a feather and infuse your soul with pure happiness is what life is all about! It might require some uncomfortable severance of ties with toxic people who have somehow managed to hang onto your coattails, but it is absolutely necessary to growth.

Real friends and family will want to cheer you on, even when things aren't easy like a Sunday morning. Don't settle in relationships that feel stale. Discover a world of support in those who inspire you to be the best version of yourself.

10. Quit Making Excuses

One of the toughest lessons is learning to cease leaning on excuses as a means of justifying certain behaviors or actions. Excuses are safety nets that can hold people back and cause them to procrastinate instead of going out there and taking control of a situation. Find a happy balance between going after what you want and learning to own up to reality. Staying honest to yourself by admitting you can or can't do something isn't always easy, but getting used to putting this mindset of no excuses to work will help build healthy boundaries.

11. Spread Positive Energy

Good vibes are not a new concept in our society. In fact, this term refers back to trusting your gut and focusing on putting "good vibrations" out into the world. We succeed in picking up on these energies, just like animals. However, in our bustling lives, it can be increasingly strenuous to keep this level of enthusiasm up. There will always be bad days or people who just rub us the wrong way and throw of the equilibrium of balance, challenging even the most skilled optimist to feel like giving up. Instead of losing sleep over these types, just project positivity that makes 𝓎𝑜𝓊 happy.

12. Spend More Time Being Grateful Instead Of Wishing For More

We can all get wrapped up in wishing we had something we don't or hoping to be on the other side, where the grass is supposed to be greener that we forget all the amazing things we currently have within our reach. Comparison is the death of joy, and it can sap away the value of what we view as something to be grateful for.

Instead of spending so much time and energy on what you don't have, try to remember to be thankful for the opportunities, people, and things you DO have in your life. After all, there is much more to life than material items. Appreciate the little things and the big things, even if they aren't exactly what you want at the time. If you never stop working hard, you will always feel fulfillment.

Tackling this list probably seems a bit overwhelming. And that's okay. Building habits don't form overnight. You don't just find yourself comfortable in uncharted territories with the snap of your fingers. With a commitment to change and hard work, these habits will feel like second nature in a few weeks! Just don't feel like you have to master every single thing right away. Believe in yourself, and there is no limit to what you can accomplish.

Feeling happier and healthier with yourself can seem like a daunting task that takes time and lots of energy, but it's worth it! We are all just trying to do our best here. ♡