You know it's definitely summer when you can't walk outside without feeling like you're going to melt. If you're like me and are extremely pale then you know it's summer when you walk outside and your skin feels like it is going to fry off. Your skin is literally so hot you feel like you could fry an egg on it. Well here is your survival guide for the summer; whether you're at the lake, pool, beach, or just sitting outside, I've got you covered.

1. Sunscreen

Whether it's spray or lotion, make it your new best friend. Sunscreen saves lives. It helps ensure you're not as red as a lobster or in excruciating pain for the next several days.

2. Sunglasses

Honestly I cannot live without sunglasses. The brightness kills my eyes. Also nobody likes putting sunscreen on their eyelids because it runs and burns in your eyes. So what better and more stylish way to protect your eyes.

3. Hats, hats, and more hats

Sun hat, ball cap, visor, cute hat, or any kind of hat works. Hats protect your head and if you're like me and have a big forehead that need protection these are your next best friend as well.

4. Lotion

Lotion replenishes your body. After I've had sunscreen on all day my body feels dry and gross. Lotion saves you no doubt.

5. Aloe Vera

This is for if you unfortunately get burnt to a crisp. We all do at one point or another because no matter how much sunscreen we use the sun always finds a way to burn us.

6. Coconut Oil

Yes, believe me this stuff works wonders. Coconut oil may honestly be better than aloe vera when it comes to being burnt. The coconut oil relieves the sting and hot of the sunburn.

Yes the summer is awesome, but it can be painful. Carry these seven things when traveling, or just have them put somewhere at home and you'll be set for all summer. Don't let the fear of burning keep you inside all summer.