You Royal Boob!
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You Royal Boob!

When a part of my past becomes a part of my boys's present.

You Royal Boob!

Peals of laughter are coming from my living room. That's not unusual in my home. I have three boys, and their usual banter includes most things that include farts, burping, and other hot topics. But one day, something I heard stopped me in my tracks:

"Shut up, you royal boob!"

Where had I heard that before? I didn't have to wait too long for the answer. My kids started calling each other "He-Man." Now to most people in my age bracket (and you know who you are), He-Man was a delightful character who was a Master of the Universe. He thwarted Skeletor's plans episode after episode. And it wouldn't be an authentic episode without the word "boob" being used somewhere. However, to my boys, it became a term of endearment (if anyone knows why, please contact me). According to them, He-Man was the king of potty humor, having bouts of flatulence and diarrhea daily.

Ignoring the misuse of bodily function terminology, I was brought back to my childhood where visions of She-Ra, Jem, and Thundercats danced in my head. Who could forget Voltron, Transformers, and Duck Tales (ugh, now that theme song is stuck in my head)? It amazes me how a lot of the things that played a big part in my childhood are now returning to play a role in my boys'. Never in a million years did I think that a man who ran around wielding a sword, topless wearing a furry speedo would generate an interest in this generation. But along with the likes of Voltron and Thunder Cats, treasure cartoon gems from the '80s are making their comeback.

However cheesy these cartoon characters may seem to us now, I'm glad that my boys can get a glimpse into my childhood (of course, I watched She-Ra a lot more than He-Man, but you get the idea). Nostalgia is nostalgia no matter what form it comes in.

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