Six Thanksgiving-Based Horror Films To Watch This Season.
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Six Thanksgiving-Based Horror Films To Watch This Season.

Horror and Thanksgiving go together like family at the dinner table.

Six Thanksgiving-Based Horror Films To Watch This Season.
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It’s Thursday and you are up before the sun, heck up before anyone else. Why? Well, you have things to do. You must make sure no one got into your pumpkin pies and devil eggs you made the day before. Plus, you have to get the turkey out and get that big bird baking in the oven, after all, you have seven or so hours before the family arrives to eat and veg out in front of the television watching a football game.

While you are in the kitchen, you get on your laptop, tablet, or phone, and log into your favorite streaming service. What to watch on this grand occasion on giving thanks for all that you have? If you are anything like me, it's horror-based.

Here are six movies based around Thanksgiving that you can watch while the household stays snug in their beds until their stomach starts growling to rise them off and steal some holiday food.

1. "Addams Family Values" (1993) (Hulu and Amazon Prime)

"The Addams Family" is always a good movie to watch during the Thanksgiving holiday. A new child is born to the lovely couple, Gomez and Morticia Addams. Their two, well-behaved children, Pugsley and Wednesday, learn what camp is like, and a gold-digging hussy, Debbie, tries to hustle poor Uncle Fester.

2. "Kristy" (2014) (Netflix)

Horror on a college campus is awakened in this Thanksgiving story. Justine is alone while her friends and classmates head home to their families. Justine is a college girl, minding her own business, until she has a run in with Violet. Soon, Justine is being stalked on campus by Violet and her friends who are a part of a cybercult which encourages their members to “Kill Kristy.” The name, Kristy means “Follower of Christ.”

3. "Blood Rage" (1987) (Amazon Prime)

Nothing like a Thanksgiving slasher film to help you carve up the turkey. The story starts off in 1974 when twins Todd and Terry leave their parents kissing in the car at the drive-in and go on a little adventure. The adventure turns violent, and one boy is sent away. Ten years later, the boy escapes and returns home, on Thanksgiving. Where bodies start piling up.

4. "ThanksKilling" (2009) (Amazon Prime)

Be careful with your carving knife, never know when your turkey will turn the tables and see you as the main course. This B-rated movie is a Thanksgiving favorite. The demonic Turkie, yes that is spelled right, has been around since 1621, when it killed a female pilgrim with a tomahawk. Speed up time, and you have your Thanksgiving version of the "Breakfast Club," with the likes of Kristen, Johnny, Ali, Billy, and Darren. Thanks to a dog having to go to the bathroom, the Turkie is unleashed, and his reign of terror begins.

5. "ThanksKilling 3" (2012) (Amazon Prime)

Sorry, Jordan Downey skipped "ThanksKilling 2" and went on to "ThanksKilling 3," or did he? "ThanksKilling 3" is tied in with "ThanksKilling 2." In this B-rated storyline, "ThanksKilling 2" is made, but it was so bad they destroyed all existence of the movie. When the big bad turkey, Turkie finds out there is one copy left. He sets out on another killing spree, in search of puppets who have the last copy.

6. "Boogeyman (2005)" (Hulu and Amazon Prime)

Nothing like a trip to your girlfriend’s home for Thanksgiving to give you a premonition from your mom to tell you to get home. That happened to Tim, but he was too late. His mother already passed away, so he returns to his family home. Here is where he faces his demons and the Boogeyman.

What will you be watching?

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