6 Reasons Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon Are Extra AF

6 Reasons Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon Are Extra AF

Not there's anything wrong with being extra.


Pokemon has gone through significant changes since the release of Gen I in 1996, but none parallel the changes seen in Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon.

As upgrades of Pokemon Sun & Moon, this is expected, but this game exceeded most people's expectations. If the trailers weren't enough to cajole your opinion, I've compiled a list delving into why this game is Game Freak's crème de la crème:

1. The Alola Photo Club

2. More Z-Moves!

Aesthetically speaking, Z-Moves - particularly the ones exclusive to certain Pokemon - are incredible to look at (I'm looking at you Decidueye). Thankfully, Game Freak decided to throw us a bone and gave some of our favorite 'mons Z-Moves themselves.

3. You Get To Interact With Pokemon Outside of Pokemon Refresh

Okay, you're not interacting with your Pokemon, but nevertheless, it's a fun addition. Throughout the games, you can find random Pokemon that the player can interact with. You can even play peekaboo with it! My personal favorite to play with is the Rockruff (you see in the above GIF). Who doesn't love a good Rockruff?

4. Freakin' Mantine Surfing

I'll be candid: this isn't a feature I'm all too crazy about. In case you weren't aware, Ultra SuMo gives you the option to ride a Mantine to traverse between different islands in the Alola region. You basically try to do tricks (or something) to accumulate points for some reason. I don't know. In my opinion, it's cumbersome, and the tutorial you're forced to endure early in the game is an immense waste of time.

5. Totem Pokemon?

Ah, yes. If you manage to collect a certain amount of Totem Stickers, you are rewarded with a Totem Pokemon of your own. 'Kay. Guess that's pretty dope. I don't know much enough about competitive play to say whether these Pokemon hold any value when battling against seasoned trainers, but I'm sure they pack a punch in-game.

6. Pokemon Refresh Is Still Available!

I know this feature was introduced in Generation VI in the form of the Pokemon Amie, and I doubt that Game Freak would revoke this feature anytime soon, but I'm ecstatic that it's still around. As an interactive activity, it allows you to feel like a real trainer by allowing you to bond with your Pokemon. Interacting with your party allows them to build affection toward you, which can have some nice perks when it comes to battling. I mainly use it because I want to play with my Pokemon and fulfill my childhood fantasy.

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