To All The Singles Out There On Valentine's Day

To All The Singles Out There On Valentine's Day

We all need to stop shaming singles and realize that it's okay to be single and it's okay to be happy being single.


I remember how in elementary school, Valentine's Day was such a big deal. All the students would have a paper bag on their desk and we all would bring a set of Valentine's cards from the drugstore; everyone in the class got one. I still think that those cards are so adorable when I see them at the store.

However, like a lot of things, the older we get, the less "enchanted" or "magical" these holidays seem to become, and the less illusioned we are about the world we live in, what society expects of us, and what is acceptable in terms of societal norms.

Our culture emphasizes the importance of having a relationship, getting engaged, married, being somehow committed to another person. This is the cultural ideal which is only strengthened by film, television, and music. The media shows how happy people are when they are in a romantic relationship, and how sad it is to be single, though that is not the actual reality of the situation. However, there is more awareness and acceptance around staying single and choosing to embrace being on your own while refusing to settle for any less than you deserve.

When I changed my Facebook relationship status, I remember seeing all these ads for dating sites. It got to a point where I was getting so annoyed seeing them, and I knew that the only reason I was, was because of data mining, and the fact that it said I was single on my profile. I also saw an ad for this new company called Singles Swag that sends out either thee to four or six to seven products each month in a gift box, depending on the subscription. They include beauty and makeup products, snacks, jewelry, and fun surprises.

As previously mentioned about the perception of the holidays, the older we get, the less fun mail we get, as well. Getting quality beauty products in the mail felt like a step up for myself, and helped me not feel so bad about treating myself and choosing to stay on my own.

I never would treat myself to them before, so being able to have a service pick them out and send them to me, for a reasonable flat rate price, was actually really nice. Their philosophy is all about how a woman's true satisfaction with life and happiness, comes from her perspective and attitude, not her relationship status, which I absolutely loved. They aim to help women feel beautiful through quality products so that they never feel they need to settle.

For as long as I can remember, I held onto this idea that I would never be truly happy until I met my soulmate and settled down. I am finally realizing that that is not the case. The longer that I am single, the more okay with it that I am. Going into February, I am hoping to strengthen this attitude that being single is not a bad thing. It does not make me a bad person, nor does it make me any less than a person.

Valentine's Day should not be about making people feel bad about whether or not they're single or taken, it should be about celebrating the love we that have for all the people in our life, romantic in nature or not.

So, to all the singles out there, do not allow cultural norms and expectations, ruin Valentine's Day for you. There is no shame in being single, taking yourself to a movie just because, in discovering who you are as a person, as well as figuring out what you want in life. When settling for anything less than what we truly deserve, we lose out. The more time I spend alone, the more okay with being single, I am.

Love takes a multitude of forms, not limited to love between partners, and it's important for all of us to remember that this Valentine's Day.

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12 Gifts To Give Your Girlfriend On Valentine's Day

All of these gift ideas will for sure win over your girlfriend's heart this year!

To all the last-minute gift givers of Valentine's Day:

Don't panic. While I know how stressful it can be to get the perfect gift for your significant other, there are so many gift ideas that people always forget as an option. The best part about Valentine's day is not the gifts you get, but rather the romantic time you get to spend with your loved one. So don't worry about how expensive the gift is, just worry about how much thought you put into it. If you are still stuck on a gift to buy for your girlfriend, here are 12 ideas to get the ball rolling for you:

1. Chocolate

Chocolate is every woman's best friend. It also can be your wallet's best friend for this Valentine's Day season. A box of chocolate can warm your girlfriend's heart for a low price.

Buy a box on Amazon.

2. Flowers

Flowers. Another common, but romantic gift for your girlfriend. Get creative with it. Throw rose pedals all over the bed, or hand her a giant bouquet all at once. Either way I am sure she will love it.

Buy them on Amazon.

3. Giant Teddy Bear

This is a gift that I always found so adorable. While it can be obnoxious to purchase and carry around, the look on your girlfriend's face when she sees it will make it all worth it. She can cuddle the bear when you're not around. ;)

Buy one on Amazon.

4. Wine

Again, another luxury that is a woman's best friend. You cannot go wrong with buying your girlfriend a bottle, or bottles, of wine. The only question you have to ask yourself when buying it is, red or white?

Buy a set of glasses to match on Amazon.

5. A Couple's Massage

Um, hello. Who wouldn't love this gift? Not only is it a gift for her, but it is one for you as well. This gift can also be surprisingly cheap. Many places offer amazing deals during the Valentine's Day season!

6. Dinner

There is absolutely nothing wrong with just taking your girlfriend to a romantic dinner on Valentine's Day. Dinner can be expensive enough as it is, the important thing to remember is to make memories that will last a lifetime during the meal.

7. A Movie

Again, nothing wrong with just going to a movie for the night. Sometimes a movie can set the level of romance you need for Valentine's Day.

Buy an AMC gift card on Amazon.

8. A Necklace

I know what you're thinking, too expensive! Don't throw away the necklace idea just yet. There are so many stores that sell such elegant necklaces, and they are decently priced as well. Check out stores like Alex and Ani, or Pandora for great deals, or just order from Amazon!

Buy one on Amazon.

9. A Ring

While this gift may only apply to a select few, imagine how memorable this day would be for your girlfriend. Do not think it is too cliche to propose to your girlfriend on Valentine's Day. Who cares how many other people do it, think about the joy it will bring her.

Buy a diamond ring on Amazon.

10. Clothes

Plan and buy your girlfriend's outfit for the night! It saves her time figuring out what to wear, and you just bought her clothes that she will absolutely adore!

Buy a sweater she will love on Amazon.

11. A One Night Stay at a Hotel

I don't think I have to say anything about this gift. You all know how romantic this is.

Buy a gift card on Amazon.

12. Personalized Picture Frame

A gift that is beyond thoughtful. Taking all of your pictures of memories from before and putting them together for your girlfriend is a gift that will for sure have her in tears.

Buy one on Amazon.

Please note that all items are in stock as of the time of publication. As an Amazon Associate, Odyssey may earn a portion of qualifying sales.

Cover Image Credit: Chip Party Ideas

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How To Make Your Galentine's Day Better Than Your Valentine's Day

February 13th is for the girls.


Carrie Bradshaw said it best, "Maybe our girlfriends are our soul mates and guys are just people to have fun with." Yes, Valentine's day is all about love, but nobody ever said it had to be limited to you and your significant other. Valentine's day has become one of my favorite holidays solely based on the fact that I spend it with my best friends. So, grab a bottle of rosé and spend time giving love to the gals who help you decide what outfit to wear on a daily basis.

Face masks are a necessity


To indulge in a charcoal detox mask or rejuvenate your skin with a pomegranate infused paper mask should be the only question you have to ask yourself. Add on some eye gel's to hide your bad decisions and even throw in a leave-in conditioner if you're really feeling yourself.

Designated DIY Day


I am not creative in any which way but painting wine glasses is an event on our agenda. You don't have to be artistic but creating something memorable for you or perhaps a cute gift for a friend is a cheap and easy way to spread some love.

Dip any food you can in chocolate


Dark chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate

Strawberries, bananas, pretzels, apples, angel food cake (personal fave).

Also, take advantage of all the candy that hits the sale rack on the 15th.

Movie Marathon


My top 10 favorite Romantic Comedy / Drama (no order)

1) "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days"

2) "10 Things I Hate About You"

3) "Love and Basketball"

4) "Mamma Mia"

5) "50 First Dates"

6) "Crazy, Stupid, Love"

7) "Bridesmaids"

8) "Along Came Polly"

9) "Sweet Home Alabama"

10) "How To Be Single"

Dance Like Nobody is Watching


Your neighbors might resent you for a little while, but turn the music all the way up in your apartment and let loose. Just make sure you remove your face mask beforehand so you have full motion of your face to sing along to Fergalicious.

Get cozy & Stay in


You can never go wrong with a pot-luck and self-care night. Get yourself ready for a date night for the upcoming weekend or let yourself relax from the workload you endured for hours on end.

or Go out & Show out


From red lipstick to black pumps, go all out and embrace the single life. There is nothing better than going out to a party with your friends. If you're fortunate enough to legally drink or live in a city full of life, take advantage of the celebrated day and make some memories with your people.

Take A Class


If you're super into fitness... I applaud you. If you want to let off some steam or let go of some anger sign up for a class! Hot Yoga, Self Defense, or perhaps a wine night with your friends while you paint a fancy portrait.

Two Words: Karaoke Bar


Whether you decide to go out to a karaoke bar or sing in the comfort of your home with youtube on your TV. Sing loud.

Go out to a Fancy Dinner


Beware of running into sappy couples who will fill up every fine dining restaurant on the night of February 14th. Instead of turning the other cheek and the people in love, it's always a nice gesture to congratulate them if it's an anniversary or maybe even make it awkward if it's the first date. Cheers your wine glasses and dig in.

Valentine's Day is about spreading love. Whether you're in a relationship or not, make sure you let the people you care about know how thankful you are to have them.

Happy Galentine's Day my lovely ladies!!

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