Since you have been in heaven..

Since you have been in heaven; my heart has been so broken, so scarred

I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but I did not know it'd be this hard

You would reassure me that my worries were just fears

But now I find myself wiping away endless amounts of tears

Since you have been in heaven; smiling makes me guilty, laughing makes me sad

I wanted nothing more than to cherish every moment with you that I had

It is not fair and it never will be, you were taken too soon

Now all I have are our memories as I stare at the moon

Since you have been in heaven; the days still turn to night

But the sun and stars don’t shine as bright

The seasons continue to change from winter to spring then summer and fall

But I wish you could have been by my side through it all

Since you have been in heaven; I have vowed to live each day for you

I take each opportunity and make the best of what I can just as you would have wanted me to

Making you proud from up above has now become my goal

I will do what is right, day in and day out to live on the legacy of your beautiful soul

In loving memory of my best friend and angel, Linda Shohatee