The Simplest Ways to Start Making Change in Your Life
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The Simplest Ways to Start Making Change in Your Life

When the going gets tough, find postivity in the moment.

The Simplest Ways to Start Making Change in Your Life
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There is no doubt in the entire world that this life we live- it is insane. Life is an ocean, constantly moving in positive and negative directions, and we get swept up in the overwhelming and heavy tide of the hustle and everyday activities of life. Very few times do we ever sit on the beach and watch the sunset and rise, we often lose tact of who we are and what in the hell we are doing. Once you get in the slump in the bottom of the cold ocean, it seems nearly impossible to escape the drowning. But today, it is time to break the ice and start floating to the top.

1. Listen to old music.

Grab your headphones and play the song that you never listen to anymore. You will be amazed by the memories and old familiar thoughts it will bring up.

2. Start a new series on Netflix.

"You can never go wrong with Netflix" is the next tattoo I plan on getting. Branch out and start a new show you could have never imagined yourself watching, it may create some new mindsets for you. Unless it's Sons of Anarchy, we don't need anymore drug-dealing, murderous biker gangs in the world.

3. Make yourself a meal.

Instead of getting the $1 Arby's sliders again for dinner or making the frozen macaroni box, make yourself a meal. Food is sometimes the best cure for anything, and cooking is absolutely mind-numbing.

4. Organize your work life.

The toll of work and school sometimes becomes so much for us to take on, and for many people is the biggest stress in their life. Make a list and prioritize the projects you have going on. Clean the dust off of your desk you've been avoiding. Take the old granola bar wrappers out of your bag. It will be much easier to get started on that overwhelming project if you don't have to spend 20 minutes looking for a pen.

5. Clean yourself

This right here is important. You are not going to feel productive by going to work with dirty hair. You will not organize your bedroom if you spend Sunday in your pajamas. Wake up, shower, and get shit done.

6. Reward yourself.

Make an event for you to look forward to for motivation to accomplish the impossible. Promise yourself Starbucks and a cake pop after class if you get through the day. Make dinner plans with an old friend to catch up. Making positive plans for the future will help you keep your eyes forward, and not look back.

7. Cut one bad habit

Lets be real, if you cut every bad habit out of your life today, the chances of not falling back into them is pretty slim. Cut one bad habit out of your life, whether its large or small. Cut back on not filling your face with junk when you get home, sleeping past your alarm, not doing the dishes right after you eat, leaving the laundry in the drier for two days. Take care of it, get it done.

8. Clean your social media.

Social media is one of the largest influences in today's society. Delete or unfollow the annoying girl from high school that only posts about how crappy her job is at Tim Horton's. Delete the people you roll your eyes at, no matter how entertaining they are. Follow some pages about things that interest you, like good food pages, Dogs of Instagram or a local business. Or if social media just really weighs you down, just press down and delete the app.

9. Exercise

Did you really think you were going to read a self help article without reading something about exercise? We get it, it releases endorphins which makes you happy, and you lose weight and blah blah blah. But what about those people who don't really enjoy running 3 miles in the middle of February or lifting 250 pounds in their free time? Find your niche and run with it, literally. Join the local church's Zumba class, do a 15 minute yoga YouTube video, join a intramural sport or slowpitch league. Get moving, and find something you enjoy doing -- not something that Heidi Klum or Channing Tatum do to get their body, because you are not Heidi Klum or Channing Tatum.


The benefits of sleep and rest cannot be stressed enough. If you never sleep, you're going to be tired all day and your motivation or will to do anything isn't going to be there. Feeling sad, nap. Hungry, nap. Stressed, nap.

11. Give to someone

Whether it is a compliment, picking up someone's slack at work or paying for the stranger behind you's coffee, not much can compare to the feeling of helping someone. That person may be having a terrible day, and you did something to make a positive impact in someone's day, and that is pretty damn amazing.

12. Laugh

Hangout with that friend that you laugh uncontrollably with. Watch an episode of Jersey Shore or WorldStar videos. Read relatable Buzzfeed articles. Watch Pitch Perfect one and two. Get lost in the moment of pure positivity. No wonder why everyone says that laughter is the best medicine.

By no means is anything on this list meant to change your entire life and make you go from negative to positive in 3 days. But by bringing happiness into your life today, you can break the ice and change the negative streak you have been living in. Or if you're doing just fine, to just add more positivity to your life. We are all guilty of not taking care of ourselves sometimes and every little ounce of positivity helps.

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