4 Simple Ways To Spring Clean Your Life

Winter-gloom is almost over as sunny days (hopefully) approach us. Spring cleaning is more than just washing your windows or sweeping the dust from your floors. It is a chance to reset your body and mind. Taking little steps to improve yourself and the environment around you will not only improve your mood but prepare you for the final months of school!


It is amazing what a little rearranging can do. The first step in spring cleaning is, well, cleaning. However, reorganizing can be as simple as moving your furniture around and going through your closet to creating a new schedule for yourself and going over your budgets. By narrowing down what's important and focusing on simplicity, re-organizing your life and your home can be a fresh start. Your surroundings have an impact on your mood. A clean environment promotes productivity. Reorganizing your space and reevaluating your priorities will lift your spirit and prep you for the coming season!


The transition from winter is also a good time to sit down and go over personal goals. It is easy to get lost in schoolwork, jobs, and relationships. Small, practical goals could be eating healthier, spending less, or starting a new hobby you've been dreaming about. Make it a habit to modernize your ambitions. Setting goals for yourself not only helps you stay motivated but pushes you to try new things. Go out and think of ways you can finish the rest of this school year strong.


It is important to keep your brain nourished and your body moving. This step looks different for everyone. You can refresh your mind by taking a break from social media, or by starting a new book. Sometimes all we need is to take a step back and see what we need a break from, or what we're lacking in. Taking advantage of fresh air and sunshine will help stimulate your mind and defeat restlessness. Drink some water, find a new study spot, and embrace creativity! After being cooped up indoors, our bodies often crave activity.


Amidst setting new goals and developing a new routine, finding time to rest can shift your perspective and replenish your soul. Breathe easy and collect yourself before jumping back into your work. Do something that brings you joy. It is healthy to find a balance between being active and winding down. Incorporate both into your routine!

As school picks up, remember to pause, declutter your surroundings and focus on your priorities. Spring cleaning your life as well as your environment can bring you motivation and change.

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