10 Tattoo Ideas Only Real Cat-Lovers Would Scratch Onto Their Bodies For Life
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10 Tattoo Ideas Only Real Cat-Lovers Would Scratch Onto Their Bodies For Life

These simple tattoos are paws-itively adorable.

10 Tattoo Ideas Only Real Cat-Lovers Would Scratch Onto Their Bodies For Life

If you're a cat lover like I am, you may have thought once or twice about permanently altering your body to show your dedication to the overlord's that are tiny lions. You may have even thought more than once or twice. I spend a lot of time on Pinterest and Instagram and one thing that never fails is the wide assortment of cat tattoos that people post day after day.

As you can see, there are options to either go crazy or keep it super simple - both are adorable! I went ahead and in my many years of skulking around social media collected some of what I think are the best, simple cat tattoos that will make any cat owner go adopt four more. Keep in mind - you can always, always, take these designs into your studio as a reference and let the professionals work their magic. If anything, let this spark your inspiration!

1. Silhouette 

Full disclosure - I actually have this one on my ankle. It's great for a first tattoo (which was my case) because it's simple and not over the top in regards to the "professionalism" factor. I have an office job so I was wary of where to get one that won't haunt me down the road, seven later that went out the window. Plus it won't take long and won't break the bank. Another thing that I've been considering lately is that it's also easily added on to depending on your preference so it could easily be more personal or complex!

2. Cat nap

This is another simple one that would be good for the ankle - or anywhere! Saying it's adorable is an understatement, no one will think you'd graffiti or rob a bank with this tattoo. It's perfect for those really looking for the innocent, minimalist vibe and who doesn't love a cat nap?

3. Coexisting

So this isn't exclusively a cat tattoo per se....but as someone who has two dogs and four cats I often struggle with the idea of only having cat tattoos. I love my dogs equally as much, so shouldn't they also get some love? This one is perfect because it represents the love of both, allowing you to showcase one big, furry family!

4. Cat-dala

Mandalas are cool designs that can make any tattoo feel more intricate. I recently got a tattoo of the chemical compound for serotonin and my artist had asked if he could include some mandala designs inside of it - it turned out great! It made it a little more unique and it definitely stands out. People ask me questions about it all the time which is one of the most fun parts about getting tats. So trust your artist and don't be afraid to add something cool, like this design!

5. Purrrrfect Flowers

If I'm honest, I may have included this one because I would love to have it tattoo'd somewhere. The colors and the little kitty face are so adorable. Just like most of the others, you could do this without flowers, more flowers, more color, less color, more cats...it's up to you! Again, a wide world of potential to make it yours!

6. "Crazy" cat lady

The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. But sometimes you can admit it even if you don't plan to recover. I have been labeled many things in my life...and I'd have to say it always comes back to this one. So wear it proudly! It's a definite accomplishment to be a genuine cat lady that can tattoo it for the world.

(It only means we have the most love to give, thanks.)

7. Watercolor kitty

I'm a sucker for watercolor tattoos - I think they're so pretty and look very intricate. However, artists who are skilled in watercolor tattoos can be hard to come by so make sure you research beforehand to assure you'll get the style you're hoping for. Tattoo artists are in fact artists which means they all have different styles and specialties. This little guy would even be cute without the watercolor!

8. Toe beans

Toe beans are my life. I loved this one because you can personalize it while still keeping it scaled back and simple. It's unique to your cat or you can just have a cute little paw to showcase general cat love!

9. Paw prints

This little guy is simple, but a bit bigger if you want it to stand out. I like forearm tattoos because you can choose when you want it to be visible or not. Regardless, this one is still super classy and has a lot of potential.

10. Cat eye

I'm not going to say I went through every Instagram picture with a #cattattoo....but, I have never seen this one. I included it because it's a bit more detailed but it's feminine and can easily be scaled down.

Again, let these designs be an inspiration! It's only the tip of the iceberg of possibilities. Don't be afraid to take something in and make something personal out of it. Often times I find the artists I've had prefer collaborating to make it their own and something exclusive to you that you can wear proudly. But sometimes it can definitely be overwhelming and intimidating. But whatever you pick make sure you're in love with it. After all, it's only going to be a part of you forever.

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