Have you ever realized you have a surprising amount of candy in your purse? Or that your house is where everyone goes when they want to watch soap operas and eat snacks? You may be a grandma without realizing. Check off how many things are true of you to see if you're really a young grandma!

1. You have candy in your purse.

I personally have at least two to three pieces of chocolate or hard candy in my purse at all times. I don't even eat the candy I keep it solely to give out to other people.

2. You always refer to your friends as cute.

Because they are! All of your friends just have such pinchable cheeks and you would do anything for them. Those cuties deserve the world.

3. You watch daytime TV.

I'm talking "Days of Our Lives," "Say Yes to The Dress," "Untold Stories of The ER." Those are some of the best shows on television! It's almost rewarding watching that girl get the dress of her dreams or the weird ER stories.

4. You go for walks.

Nothing too strenuous, just a light walk around the block. You want to just enjoy the weather outside and wave to all your neighbors while you judge them.

5. You judge everyone.

You're never going to say anything to their face or start drama but it's nice to be in on all of your neighbors' secrets. Bonus points if your eyes narrow when you see your neighbors up to something in particular.

6. You go to bed early.

Maybe not 8 or 9 o' clock but definitely by 9:30, you're out cold. You need to get all the beauty sleep that you can if you want to prevent wrinkles.

7. You don't understand modern music.

What is a lil Zan? This music is terrible and it doesn't make sense. Thank God we still have the ASAP Mob.

8. A club is not your idea of a good time.

I mean who really wants to be all sweaty and crowded around a bunch of strangers. It's not fun and everyone's belligerent.

9. Your house always has snacks.

Snacks make the world go around. I'm talking cookies and popsicles, all the good stuff. All your friends know this too and they take total advantage of it.

10. You have calm hobbies.

Collecting things or knitting are examples of calm hobbies. Or maybe you like to sew or bake. Definitely grandma type hobbies.

11. You eat a lot of sweets.

Not typical sweets like chocolate or mummies, but things like muffins and baked goods. They just really hit the spot sometimes, well most of the time.

If you can relate to at least six out of the 11 things listed, you're probably a grandma. That's OK though! Grandmas keep us all fed and warm and you're friends probably love you for it.