10 Signs You Grew Up In Southern Connecticut
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10 Signs You Grew Up In Southern Connecticut

It's a (Southern) Connecticut thing. You wouldn't understand.

10 Signs You Grew Up In Southern Connecticut
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For all the drama we likely encountered growing up in the state of Connecticut, residing in the 203 definitely had its perks. Although not unique, our childhoods still were special to us. Regardless of whether you bordered New Haven or New York, if you lived in the Southern bits of our little state, you've probably experienced all of the following.

1. Two words: Merritt Canteen.

Screw McDonald's, Wendy's, or any other fast food burger joints. When you're in our area, this is the ultimate greasy food stop. Between their crispy fried mac 'n' cheese bites, the mozzarella sticks that ooze with cheese, and their thick and creamy chocolate milkshakes, you literally cannot go wrong here. My favorite Valentine's Day memory involves their mozzarella sticks, and I am not even ashamed to admit that.

2. The Rinks was the coolest hangout.

Not that anybody actually went ice skating often, but people just kind of congregated here. I can't exactly explain it, since no one took advantage of the other cool features offered there, like the mini golf or laser tag (I mean, it was expensive and we were in middle school) but this place was happenin' about ten years ago.

3. Lake Compounce was the best way to cool off during summer break.

We all remember this view. You're sitting in your log-shaped boat, right before the dip on the Saw Mill Plunge (Lake Compounce's flume ride) when you knew you were mere seconds away from feeling your stomach jump into your throat. Six Flags was always just a tad too far, but Lake Compounce was close enough that you could convince your parents to bring you more often.

4. You would pick New York City over Boston (generally).

Being sandwiched between two amazing cities leaves our little state quite divided (especially when it comes to sports), but living in Southern Connecticut usually left us laying with the city that never sleeps. Can you buy a $25 round trip train ticket to Boston on a random Saturday? Nope. But you can with New York City, so that's a winner in our book.

5. Even the sports divide favors New York.

Growing up in Connecticut, you know that our sports team favorites are pretty much all over the place. We have New York fans, New Jersey fans, Boston fans, Philly fans. You name it, we support it (overall). But at least when it comes to baseball, the allegiance is slightly more clear. In the 203, it's primarily New York Nation, baby.

6. Taking the Port Jeff Ferry was always such a treat.

If you were smart, you sat outside where the breeze would blow your hair straight up, but if you wanted your ferry ride Shirley Temple, you had to go into the stuffy inside cafe area, which was easily the worst part of the trip. Growing up, there was an awesome pet store with the cutest little puppies, that unfortunately no longer exists. Bummer.

7. The Trumbull Mall was easily the best shopping option.

I'm totally biased and I can admit it, but until the Milford Mall got their movie theater, Trumbull was hands down the greatest. Danbury only came in close second because it had a carousel, and that's just cheating. It's a mall, not an amusement park!

8. You never had to live without the joy of Cinnabon.

Although I hadn't had my first official Cinnabon until high school, the option has always been there. As a college student in Massachusetts (pre-gluten allergy, that is), I was always astonished at the lack of Cinnabons. I mean there are literally only two in the entire state. That should be a crime.

9. It doesn't matter that you're closer to Maritime, Mystic was always worth the trip.

Mystic was easily the best aquarium option for us in CT. Maritime was right in the heart of Southern Connecticut (kind of) and Mystic was usually more than an hour away, but think of the penguins! Think of the beluga whales! Think of the chowder.

10. You probably applied to UConn.

I honestly can't say I know that many people from my home town who didn't at least apply to UConn. Out of my graduating class of 550 students, it was likely that at least 80 of them went to our state school. And just because only 80 went, doesn't mean that more didn't apply.

It's a (Southern) Connecticut thing. You wouldn't understand.

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