17 Signs That You And Your Roommate Are Actually Married
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17 Signs That You And Your Roommate Are Actually Married

If you can relate, you and your roommate are best friends.

17 Signs That You And Your Roommate Are Actually Married
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A roommate can make or break your college experience. Coming home to your dorm to be alone, comfortable, and peaceful can be brutally interrupted by a roommate who is negative, messy, and constantly complains. Thankfully, my roommate and I are two peas in a pod, and our personalities nicely balance each other. As we experience many crazy adventures, she has quickly become my best friend, and I don't know how I would survive college or life without her. I hope you all have great roommates! So, here are some relatable experiences you will understand if you and your roommate are the perfect match!

1. You and your roommate share a love for the same things, like guacamole and fruit snacks.

2. You and your roommate make spontaneous plans (usually late night trips to target).

3. There is no filter between you and your roommate. You guys talk about:

4. You and your roommate go on crazy adventures!

5. You and your roommate are the most comfortable around each other and just weird around each other.

6. You say something sarcastic and your roommate just says something even more sarcastic.

7. You and your roommate can communicate through just facial expressions.

8. You and your roommate don't like the same people.

9. You and your roommate know each other's Chipotle and Starbucks orders.

10. You and your roommate encourage each other no matter what.

11. You and your roommate don't judge each other on how much each other eats. In fact, you guys encourage each other.

12. If your roommate is going to get food, you know you're going with her and vice versa.

13. When you and your roommate have a system of who pays for what when you eat out and gas fees.

14. You and your roommate feel weird when you've been away from each other for too long.

15. Your roommate is the one you immediately call or text when something funny or sad happens.

16. People may mistake you guys for a couple.

17. You guys always ask each other if the other's outfit looks good.

A roommate can make or break your college experience. Fortunately, I have been blessed with an amazing roommate who shares my love for guacamole, adventure, and most importantly Jesus. Not only do I have a beautiful and caring soul to live with, but God has also blessed me with a best friend. If you have an amazing roommate, go ahead and tell her how much you love and appreciate her!

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