Signs That Show Your Heart Is From NorCal
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Signs That Show Your Heart Is From NorCal

Signs and facts that prove you belong from NorCal.

Signs That Show Your Heart Is From NorCal
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California is known for its sunny beaches, state parks, Hollywood, the Golden Gate bridge and great food. The two halves that make up California are known as Northern California and Southern California. Although they are part of the same state, they each have different and unique sites, people, geography and culture.

As California people, we know the clear differences between Northern California and Southern California. Both are great parts of California, but if you are from Northern California then you will recognize the following things about living in NorCal.

1. The Bay Area is either your home or your favorite spot to visit

Nothing can beat the Golden Gate and the rich diverse city of San Francisco. The best food places around the world are right in the heart of SF. Not to mention, SF is right by the ocean!

2. Fog excites you when it rolls around

When fog starts to roll into the city, it not only gives NorCal a clean green environment for the plants and trees, but it clears out city pollution so the air is always fresh. And after a week or month of constant sunny days in the Bay Area, you are ready for some fog to come back in.

3. NorCal is serious about saving the environment and energy

When it comes to helping the environment, NorCal already has plans A through Z to help the environment. The Bay Area has made many laws prohibiting certain harmful plastics to be used in restaurants and is also working on ways to replace such plastics with biodegradable material in the near future. The whole Bay Area community has compost bins, which helps the environment tremendously.

4. Napa Valley is your go-to get away trip

Napa Valley is known for wineries and food, and every NorCal person knows that Napa is the place to go for an escape or a week with close friends with good food and wine tasting.

5. No other place is better to get your favorite food

In a few places like the Bay Area, Napa Valley and Saratoga, you will find, quite possible, the best food in the world. It’s the best because top chefs from all over the world often choose to come to NorCal to show us their taste of foreign food. NorCal natives know that the aforementioned places are the best locations to get authentic food and try top star restaurants of the world.

6. You like the cold, or at least try to like it

Northern California is definitely the colder part of California, and it’s a break from the hot summer days. Also, cold days in Cali gets you an excuse to wear your winter wardrobe all year long without having to put them away for other seasons.

7. Redwood Trees always bring a smile to your face

Whether it’s the look, smell or just being around them, Redwood trees always bring you joy and remind you of NorCal a lot. Not only does NorCal have palm trees, but we have big ass red trees as well! Take that SoCal.

8. Tahoe is your winter vacation spot

Tahoe is the best place for a winter vacation in California, because we actually get real snow up here. Not to mention the vast mountains and waterfalls.

9. Farmers Market’s are your weekly errands

The best Farmers Markets are located around NorCal because we have the best land to grow fruits and vegetables.

10. Giants baseball runs through your veins

Let me just say it- the SF Giants are the best baseball team in California! Our stadium is beautiful and our colors are, in my opinion, the best colors a team can have. Even years are good luck for the Giants. In fact, we won the 2010, 2012, and 2014 World Series. Oh, and it looks like 2016 World Series is coming up. Good luck out there, Dodgers.

11. Technology was born here

Technology was born in NorCal, and some of the best careers in technology happen in NorCal.

12. Apple was born in NorCal

SoCal likes to take the credit when saying Apple is a California born company, but really what they should be saying is Apple is a NorCal born company, originating from Silicon Valley in Cupertino.

13. Although we love traveling down to DisneyLand and Universal Studios, we would hate to live near the parks

For me, I love to visit DisneyLand and Universal Studios. They are some of my favorite vacation spots to go to for some fun. But NorCal people understand that SoCal vacations are never meant to last forever, nor do we necessarily want them to. NorCal is always our home, and after a nice satisfied vacation of parks, fame, and fun in SoCal, we are ready to head back up North anytime.

But in all the division between NorCal and SoCal, the sisters of California always love each other no matter their controversy and differences. California is one state, and it’s all beautiful and amazing.
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