He's playing you, stop letting him.
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19 Signs That He's Playing you

Games are coming to an end. You're getting cut.

19 Signs That He's Playing you

You know when you're talking to a guy and things are going great. Then suddenly they are not. This is for the girls who are also struggling to notice that the guy they are talking to is playing them. They are fooled by his charm. ALSO DISCLAIMER!!! Be careful when judging these signs, even if he does it sometimes does not mean he's playing you, be careful not to make it up in your head too! Most of these are when he does it ALL the time. (Let your gut help you with this, don't make excuses for him either when you know in your gut that he's playing you).

He ghosts you on plans.

You make plans, he doesn't text you about them after he misses them with you. Or even that he'd be late even.

He doesn't call when he says he is going to.

However, I know life gets in the way and things happen BUT when it is constantly happening all the time...HUGE flag!

He knows way more about you than you know about him.

When you find yourself talking about you, and when he talks about himself it's the bare minimum or literally never talks about himself, even when you ask.

He doesn’t tell his friends about you.

When you call him, and he actually answers, his friends are around asking who that is, then when he says your name they go who or go oh cool or no response. Or even when he explains who you are, as soon as he says your name. (This is really bad when you guys have been talking more than a month).

He doesn’t tell you what he’s doing, where he’s going, or when he’ll be back.

Don't let this fool you though when you're in the talking stage, he doesn't have to but if he cares and is genuine about his feelings towards you, he'll always talk about what he's doing with you. To communicate and because he enjoys talking about his plans and friends with you!

You feel the need to change yourself, or not be needy or he'll walk away.

When he's quick to walk away with anything that is a struggle to him then he was never going to stay around forever, and he is just playing with your emotions.

He makes you feel like you have to work for his approval.

Know your worth honey, please. You don't need his approval. If he doesn't tell you what you think you need to hear, one he's playing you, two you don't need to hear it, believe it for yourself first.

He gives you backhanded compliments.

"I love how I don't have to try around you" is probably my favorite one I've heard. Like thanks, are you saying I don't have standards? Because I do. Now you're cut. UNLESS he means it as life is simple when it comes to you. Meaning that you make all the things he had to try and do for other girls, you make come easily. Make sure!!

He says he likes you but his actions don’t show it.

Self explanatory. Thing he said he'd do but never follows through on. EVER.

He’ll go out without telling you.

Kinda goes along with number 5 but when he goes out to the bar without telling you, and you find out through snap or actually asking him, is when you should be concerned. HUGE RED FLAG.

He’ll take big offense when you criticize him.

Guys can only take criticism from people that they actually care for, otherwise they'll get defensive. (But this does not include when you guys are joking...unless he even gets mad when you JOKE about it).

He’ll only really see you in private when no one knows, or at the bar.

If you find yourself always hanging out alone, in private, when no one knows about it or just when you guys are drunk at the bar. If that is the only time it is public, it's a huge cause for concern; does he care about you, or is he hiding something? Or both questions are valid.

Nothing is ever planned, things are always last minute or when he has time.

Whenever he wants to do something it is always when he texts you an hour or few before he actually wants to do that thing. Or when he texts you that his plans had got cancelled so now he can hang.

Only time you hear from him is when he’s faded or past 10 pm.

You know what he's hitting you up for. Don't fall for it. Pretend you are asleep or never saw his text. Don't be that girl that will just answer him, because it's him. Again, don't fall for it.

He’s not there when you need someone to lean on.

BUT be careful sometimes there are things that come up like, school work, work, family or he's literally asleep. This is when he's playing video games or just on Instagram or literally just chilling doing absolutely nothing. He won't listen or when he says he is doesn't seem like it.

He doesn't ask about your day or how you are.

If he doesn't care about your day or how you are, he really only cares to flirt with you and things that come with that. I promise you. -- AGAIN, Don't mistake this for an off day, or when he's having a rough time.

He doesn’t get excited for you for your accomplishments.

It'll just be like "oh yay!! That is great!" Kinda will seem like he couldn't care less about it.

His excuses will suck.

Goes missing for a few hours, maybe even a day. His excuse, "Sorry my phone died and I didn't have a charger" or "Sorry I thought I responded" (With nothing more to the conversation). Be reasonable with this, bad excuses are obvious.

Tell you he’s just with his guy friends.

Then you'll hear a girl in the back of the snapchats. Or see a girl in the same place with his friends. You'll know when he's actually just hanging with guys or not, but don't make assumptions, make sure you really know!!!

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