15 Signs You Are Definitely From L.A., Hollywood Sign Included

15 Signs You Are Definitely From L.A., Hollywood Sign Included

True Angelenos will know some of these things are the worst or the best!


Living in the city of Los Angeles and/or Los Angeles County is amazing, but some of the perks also have downsides.

For example, you may fall in love with a restaurant or food truck, but then it will become popular with the entire population so there's always a long wait or a long line.

This is just one of the many signs you might be from L.A. Read on to discover!

1. You love In-N-Out


Yes, there's In-N-Out all over California, but have you ever got off the freeway during rush hour for it? You can never go wrong with a juicy double double and a chocolate shake with a side of fries. Or, you can get the special Lemon-Up (7-Up and lemonade)!

2. You have driven down Pacific Coast Highway


Everyone knows it is one of the most beautiful roads in the state. The waves crashing against the cliffs and sand along with the smell of salt water in the air make this drive even more enjoyable.

3. You avoid driving starting around 5 pm


One word explains this. Traffic. A drive that should take 30 minutes ends up taking 3 hours.

4. You get to Dodger games over an hour early


Nobody wants to miss the first pitch due to ticket-booth traffic. Plus, you want to cheer for your favorite player(s) as they announce that day's batting line up.

5. You love Dodger Dogs


You have to at least eat one at a game, maybe even three. Top them with some ketchup, mustard, onions and relish. Pair with a Coke, and you are set.

6. You have gone to the beach to watch the sunset


Golden hour is absolutely beautiful even though light pollution can mess with the colors of the sky. Toes in the sand and the sound of the waves makes this moment 10 times more enjoyable.

7. You brag about going to the beach during Christmas break


Sorry but not sorry about how we don't get "winter." Us Southern Californians call it "swinter" since it's summer during winter.

8. You have been late to work . . . more than once


Once again, LA traffic is horrendous. If you think you can make it to work fast on the freeway everyday then you are just like everyone else who thinks the same and causes the traffic build up.

9. When it hits 60 degrees, the sweaters come out


We will do anything we can to experience "sweater weather." Cozy blankets by bonfires and sweaters are one of the best things ever. If you haven't experienced it, I recommend you do.

10. Your GPS can't pronounce street names


Cahuenga Bl. Mulholland Dr. La Cienega Blvd. Sometimes the pronunciations are just hilarious, and you can't help but to laugh.

What tongue twisters!

11. You have been to the Staples Center


LA Kings, concerts, etc. They get you with the price of parking, but show up early and hit up one of the amazing restaurants near by.

12. You jumped for joy when Lebron came


The king is home. Especially loving the Lakers because of the new Jayhawk on the team.

13. We put "the" in front of our freeway numbers


The 405. The 10. The 605. I personally don't know why we do this, but we do.

14. It's sprinkling, and we act like it's pouring 


We just tend to freak out when it starts to drizzle. We don't know how to drive very well in the rain either.

15. Every waiter is an actor waiting for their big break


Good ole' Hollywood. Everyone thinks that they will become famous and get discovered.

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Dear Mom, Now That I'm Older

A letter to the woman who made me the woman I am today.

Dear Mom,

Now that I'm older, I definitely appreciate you a lot more than I did as a kid. I appreciate the little things, from the random text messages to constantly tagging me on Facebook in your "funny" photos and sending me pins of stuff I like on Pinterest. Now that I'm older, I can look back and realize that everything I am is all because of you. You've made me strong but realize it's okay to cry. You've shown me how a mother gives everything to her children to give them a better life than she had, even when she's left with nothing. And, most importantly you've taught me to never give up and without this, I would not be where I am today.

Mom, now that I'm older, I realize that you're the best friend I'm ever going to have. You cheer me on when I try new things and support me in deciding to be whatever person I want to be. Thank you for never telling me I can't do something and helping me figure out ways to be the best woman I can be. Your love for me is unconditional. They say true, unconditional love can only come from God, but mom, I think you're a pretty close second.

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Now that I'm older, I don't get to see you as much. But not seeing you as much just makes the times I do get to see you the absolute best, and I look forward to it every time. Now that I'm older, I'm not going to live at home. But, I promise to always come back because I know the door is always open. Your house is always going to be my home, and no other place is going to be the same.

Now that I'm older, I realize how much I miss you taking care of me. I miss you making me dinner, making sure I was doing well in school, and taking me to endless appointments. I miss you waking me up for school and then waking me up again because I didn't listen the first time.

But, Mom, now that I'm older, I can see all that you've done for me. I can look back and see how big of a brat I was but you still loved me (and let me live) anyways. I can understand why you did certain things and frankly, you're one bada** of a woman.

To have you as my mom and my best friend has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. So, Mom, now that I'm older, thank you, for everything.


Your Daughter

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Cleveland Things That Only Cleveland People Will Understand

A little bit about my city and why I love it so much!


My whole life I have lived within 40 minutes of the great city of Cleveland. Although our skyline is small, compared to New York City, it's truly beautiful. Sitting at Huntington Beach, I can watch the sunset and the city light up. We have multiple sports teams, covering: hockey, basketball, football, and baseball. Our Cavilers even brought home the National Championship when the Golden State Warriors Blew a 3-1 lead in the Finals in 2016. I shed actual tears watching that game!

Along with the sports teams, there are numerous restaurants serving delicious foods. East Fourth is my favorite street, lined with restaurants and lit with lights strung between the buildings at night. My number one place to go for food when downtown is Barrio for tacos!

Cleveland has many historical places to visit such as The Cleveland Museum of Art, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, A Christmas Story House, and many more. There are other neat places to check out like Great Lakes Science Center, Cleveland Botanical Gardens, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, and West Side Market. Consider to be much smaller than many large cities, Cleveland is packed with so many fun activities to do and events to see.

These are a few things that attract so many people in the city and have brought me making the trip downtown so many times. A trip to Cleveland could NEVER disappoint!

Living so close to the city has lead to so many great experiences with my friends and family! I enjoy attending Indians games under the warm summer sun and sitting at Lake Erie. I have attended countless watch parties for Cavs games. The excitement for your city in a National Championship is indescribable. For home games, the watch parties were held outside the arena with huge screens to watch the game, a mini court to shoot around on, other basketball games, and a live band for entertainment. My absolute favorite summer event is going to concerts with my friends at Blossom. We always get lawn tickets and spend the night dancing as the sun goes down.

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