7 Things That Happen When You Find The Perfect College Roommates
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7 Things That Happen When You Find The Flat-Out Perfect College Flatmates

"And they were roommates..." — Anonymous

7 Things That Happen When You Find The Flat-Out Perfect College Flatmates
Macy Scott

Everyone knows that living in an off-campus apartment is completely different from living in a freshman dorm. You don't have to worry about a disgusting community bathroom, you're not cramped in a shoebox with two beds practically touching each other, and you don't have to worry about a Community Leader or RA watching your every move. However, living in a big-girl apartment has its own stressors, like paying for rent each month, managing electricity usage, and the farther trek to campus every day.

But when your roommates are actually the most perfect people in the world, it makes paying the expensive rent 100% worth it. I'm thankful that my #Froomies Jaelyn and Morgan have been such a blessing during my junior year of college, and I can't wait for the many adventures we will share until graduation.

Here are seven signs you've found the best possible roommates:

1. You have an apartment mascot

Squirtle the Mascot

Macy Scott

You know your apartment is official when you have a mascot to encourage you every day. At our apartment, Squirtle sits in our kitchen to remind us that we are worthy. If you don't have a mascot like Squirtle, you're wrong.

2. Your roomies are your go-to game day gals

Baylor football game

Macy Scott

You know you've found the best living arrangement when your roommates share your love for football! Getting dressed up, blasting music from the speakers, and taking cute pictures is a Saturday tradition in our apartment.

3. Your apartment has an #official name

The Hut

Macy Scott

"The Hut" is where we call home. Giving your apartment or house a name makes it feel even homier! You know you have the best squad when you never refer to your living space as "the apartment," but by its official name!

4. You celebrate birthdays to the extreme

Morgan's 21st birthday

Macy Scott

Is it really your birthday if your roommates don't decorate the entire apartment for you to make you feel special?? At our apartment, we get streamers, balloons, lots of confetti, and music to celebrate the big day!

5. Your roommate is your Bid Day success story

January 2017

Macy Scott

You know you've found the sweetest friend when you're still besties with the first person you met on Bid Day in your sorority! I 100% recommend living with someone you've been friends with for two full years!

6. You go on spontaneous adventures together

Day at Magnolia

Macy Scott

My roommates and I love spontaneity! From going to food trucks late at night to last minute trips to Magnolia, these girls are always down to have fun! A sign that you've found the best roomies is when you literally cannot stop laughing when you're together!

7. You can't imagine not living with them!!

I've only lived in The Hut for three months, but I can't imagine living anywhere else! Jaelyn and Morgan have been such blessings in my life, and I can't wait for more adventures with them. If you're looking for the perfect college roommates...

... sorry, they're taken!!! :-) #LongLiveTheHut

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