There was another teen flick released on Netflix and of course, everyone was flipping out about it. This time, it was taking a lot of controversies. In case you haven't heard of this new film, it revolves around senior Sierra Burgess. She doesn't fit society's standards of beauty and is seen as an outcast. The mean girl at school Veronica tends to taunt Sierra constantly. One day, she is approached by Jamey, a cute but dorky football player and asks for Veronica's number. He gives her Sierra's number, trying to be cruel but Sierra and Jamey start talking and they end up liking each other a lot. The only problem is that Jamey thinks he's talking to Veronica and Sierra doesn't want him to know the truth because she is afraid of losing him.

As the viewers, we are supposed to feel bad for Sierra because she is insecure about herself. But in reality, she did some really awful things over a guy who she definitely did not deserve. First of all, she catfished Jamey by befriending Veronica and using her as a part of the scam so Jamey would stay interested. It would've been much easier to tell the truth than watch the guy you like to become interested in your best friend.

Sierra also kissed Jamey without his actual consent. He thought he was kissing Veronica but Sierra would've been upset if they kissed instead. She's the one that came up with the idea so why does it all of sudden hurt her feelings if Jamey kisses the girl he thought he was talking with on the phone.

Another awful thing that Sierra did was the "faking to be deaf so Jamey couldn't hear her voice" scene. It was overall painful to watch since Jamey's younger brother is actually hearing impaired. Some viewers thought it was actually really offensive. It was almost like making fun of the disability which is definitely not cool.

And lastly, the icing on the cake for Sierra proving that is a horrible person is the football game scene. She humiliated her best friend and Jamey after posting a picture of Veronica and her ex kissing and admitting Veronica's breakup was over DM. Veronica suddenly loses her popularity (which honestly doesn't really make sense) and Sierra only feels bad because she got caught by Jamey for catfishing. It was going to happen one way or another. Sierra somewhat apologizes to Veronica by creating a song and they are friends again. The worst part is...Jamey still wants to be with Sierra! HOW? She embarrassed you in front of the whole school and lied to you on so many occasions. Sierra got a happy ending when she truly did not deserve one. She didn't suffer any consequences and got into her dream school.

The concept of the movie seemed interesting but the way it was executed was really messy and not realistic.