Sick of biased media and fake news? We've got you covered.
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Sick of biased media and fake news? We've got you covered.

These days you can't open a newspaper or turn on a news channel without having opinions shoved down your throat before you even find out what the issue is.

Sick of biased media and fake news? We've got you covered.
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It's a well-known fact that most of the news we receive is biased, inflammatory and sometimes even false. At this point watching or reading the news to gain any kind of information seems ridiculous. But at the same time, we can't be oblivious to what's going on.

So what do we do? Thankfully, there are some resources we can use for this purpose-


Newsvoice is a website that's on a mission to fix the news. It displays a personalized news feed by aggregating major news sites, as well as international and independent media. Each news story shows multiple perspectives and sources, empowering you to make more conscious decisions of what you read and trust. You can also download the Newsvoice app at playstore.


Scriberr is a nonpartisan multimedia news platform based in Los Angeles, California. Scriberr aims to report the truth fully and give all sides to controversial, political issues so that readers can decide for themselves where they align. With a podcast and sections on politics, lifestyle, culture, opinion and technology, Scriberr's got the reader covered.


Ground News is a website and an app that was created to be a news destination for everyone, regardless of political ideology.

Ground News lines up all the reporting and you can see visually who's talking about a story and who's completely ignoring it. It also offers a comparison of target audiences and a background on various news sources.

Over 150,000 people have used Ground News to see the news from a different perspective, including Saira Blair (Former member of the West Virginia House of Delegates).


Founded by John Gable, AllSides' mission is to provide balanced news and free people from filter bubbles so they can better understand the world and each other.

The day's top news stories from the Left, Center and Right side of the political spectrum are displayed side-by-side for full context. All Sides also provides Media Bias Ratings for over 800 media outlets and writers, a school program for students and a process for civil dialogue along with a 'Perspectives Blog' that features opinions from different sides of the political spectrum.

You can browse their Red Blue Dictionary to reveal differences in perspectives on hot-button words, like climate change, racism and more or download the mobile app for daily updates


An initiative by Evie Magazine, The Glance lets you scan everything you need to know in politics, pop-culture, and more in 60 seconds or less. It's a daily newsletter that provides a breakdown of everything important happening in the world at large, politics, the economy, and pop-culture during the weekdays.

The biggest, trending stories of the day from a variety of sources are taken and condensed into short excerpts that can be read at a glance. And if you want to read more about a particular story, all you need to do is click on the link to read the entire article.

In the politics and policy section, all the issues are broken down with a summary of the stances adopted by both sides of the political aisle (Left and Right). Their sources for the leftist perspectives include; The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN and MSNBC while Fox News, New York Post, National Review and The Wall Street Journal make up the sources for the right wing side.

Fake news is everywhere, and unless you're careful, you might get fooled by the propaganda. Make sure to be an informed citizen by knowing the whole story and its nuances by seeing all sides of it with the help of these resources. Not only will you know more in less time, but your mood and mental health will thank you.

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