I write for myself. It helps me to heal myself, to give myself closure on incidents from my past. I write to let myself be heard, because for a very long time I was pressured to be silent. It is an inherently selfish reason, but at the root of it all we have to write for ourselves because it is our passion. I write because I am passionate, and have more opinions than are able to be said out loud, within a discussion or a workspace. I have opinions on global issues, politics, and social movements, and at the same time I have opinions about my family and my town. I write because I have a unique perspective. Everyone does and it is usually a shame that people feel as though they can not give their perspective. We live in a society where through education we are taught to speak our minds, and yet the teachers put a gag on our thoughts. I write because in a very selfish way, I want people to read my work. I want to impact someone’s life, or even make their day a little bit less dull. I write for my family, because they have given me the freedom to choose my own path; write my own story.

I write for those who have no voice, or feel as though they are silenced by their past or present. I write in hopes that people will be inspired, and write for themselves. I write for my peers, to show them who I am in a place where I feel so unnoticed. I write for my friends, who know me in and out, who know me crying alone or laughing. I write for my town, because small towns are so much more than the stereotype allows. I write because I love it, and I have so much passion for writing that it overwhelms me. And although my writing is very much based within my emotion and my personal experience, I have hope that it is not only me that feels this way, and that by writing I can allow other people to relate to someone else. There will always be writing in the world, and there will most definitely be writers who have an unending passion for the written word. At the root of it all, I write to inspire, I write to heal myself and others around me, and I write for those who feel as though don't have a voice. //