Everyone struggles with tests and we all want to escape reality when the time comes. What better way to do that than to watch a TV show that will take all the pain away. Behold the list of my top favorite TV shows that definitely help me calm down to escape from the madness of midterms!

1. "The Office"

We all know someone who loves "The Office," and someone who hates it. One thing we can agree on; the stupidity of the humor makes us forget our worries.

2. "How I Met Your Mother"

Being slightly less stupid than "The Office," this is a good show to watch if you want to follow the love story of a group of friends.

3. "Friends" 

In my opinion, one of the best shows to binge watch. In no time, you'll forget all of your worries and simply fall into a blissful state.

4. "Black Mirror"

Every episode will blow your mind and you'll never be able to guess what's coming. Extreme shock really makes you forget the very important test you have coming up.

5. "Parks and Recreation"

Hilarious and sweet. This show will not only make you laugh, but cry as well.

6. "Gilmore Girls"

Now, here is a show that will never fail to warm your heart. A tale of motherly and daughterly love that will leave you watching more...until it's three in the morning and you haven't studied yet.

7. "A Series Of Unfortunate Events"

I'm sure a huge chunk of you remember reading these books as a child. Well, the series on Netflix will surely not disappoint.

8. "The Haunting Of Hill House"

Sometimes we all need a little horror in your life...and a crazy good plot. The "Are you still watching?" pop up, will be the only thing that causes you to realize how far you are into the show before you watch the entire thing.

9. "Breaking Bad"

Violence and drugs...hey, maybe that kind of show is the only one that can get rid of your test anxiety.

10.  "Gossip Girl"

Watch another group of studies stress over their finals and a secret gossip girl so you don't have to.

11.  "The Crown"

If you don't live in the UK this is a good way to focus on the drama from another country instead of your own.

12.  "The Good Place"

The beginning will leave you feeling joyful and hopeful that a time will come when you don't have to study.

13.  "New Girl"

Give yourself hope of a time when you're out of college and don't have to study... only then, you'll have to worry about adult things.

There are a ton more shows to watch, but these are a list of my favorites that have made my own test anxiety disappear.