13 Shows To Get You Through Finals Week
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13 Shows To Get You Through Finals Week

13 Shows To Get You Through Finals Week
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Finals week is just around the corner, folks. With less than a month before we must face the dreaded final exams and term papers, we should be building our defenses with Netflix fortitude! The time is now to cram our heads with episode after episode of our favorite shows to balance all of the academic cramming we'll be doing during finals week! Here is a list of shows that make great marathons, and are also designed to take your mind off of the building stress and will enable procrastination habits like nobody's business (because let's be real, that is what we really need Netflix for):


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Take a load off and watch as Ross does something stupid, Rachel over-reacts, Monica plans revenge, Phoebe sings to a cat, Joey makes a fool of himself, and Chandler just rolls his eyes at them all. All with a hint of nostalgia for the 90's.

"How I Met Your Mother"

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After you're done with "Friends," try "Friends" in the 2000's! Not really, but if you like one, you might like the other. Watch as Ted and his friends try to wade through life together in NYC, all the while wondering, "Is she the mother?"

"Parks and Recreation"

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Leslie Knope for President 2k16! A mockumentary following the employees of Pawnee, Indiana's, Parks and Rec department that is all about the feel-good feels.

"The Office"

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Let's hope there isn't a Michael Scott 2k16 campaign, please. Another mockumentary, but about the everyday happenings in a paper company in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

"Arrested Development"

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Described by producers as a "riches to rags" story about a family full of drama queens attempting to get their lives in order. Lots of great running jokes and relatable family drama.


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A "dark comedy" or "dramedy" about the 4077th MASH unit during the Korean war--Chief Surgeon Ben "Hawkeye" Pierce and his buddy B.J. Hunnicutt find ways to entertain and enliven the members of the 4077 within the dark atmosphere of the Korean war.

"Once Upon a Time"

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Love Disney? Love drama? Love crossovers? Then a show about a fairy tale world where all of the Disney fairy tales are real is the one for you. Includes "Frozen" characters Elsa and Anna, as well as "Brave's" Merida!

"American Horror Story"

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If you like horror and revenge, scary folk tales and psychological unrest, then marathon through five seasons of ghosts, crazies, witches, freaks, and vampires. Also, if you like consistency, the anthology-style storytelling uses the same actors in newer, spookier situations every season.


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If you like a good Sherlock story, try Dr. Teperance Brennan's Holmes to FBI agent Seeley Booth's Watson. Solve murders most foul with what is likely very inaccurate forensic anthropology, with some relationship will-they-won't-they drama to spice things up.


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More crime-solving, sort of Watson-and-Holmes story, but with a paranormal twist... Not really. Shawn Spencer is pretending to be psychic after seeming to know a bit too much about a case during a police investigation. Really, he is just very good at finding clues and evidence, but that won't stand in court, will it? So know he must keep up the charade as he and his friend Gus set up a Psychic Detective Agency to advise the police in other cases.

"Daredevil" and "Jessica Jones"

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If you are a Marvel fan and love the darker side of comics, try these Netflix original series. There are rumors of a crossover happening with these two in the future, so look out fans!


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Before the Bat, Gotham was still a dangerous, villain-overrun city. Follow the origin stories of Gotham's baddest Bat Villains as a younger James Gordon works to solve the case of the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne.

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