10 Shows To Binge When You Need A Pick-Me-Up

Watching Netflix can be helpful and it can also be a bad thing for you (if you are avoiding your school work), but most of the time, binge-watching shows on Netflix help to take your mind off of things, and I personally have found it very helpful for me when I am going through things, no matter what show I watch. Here are a couple of shows that you must watch if you have not watched already.

1. Grey's Anatomy

I'm not listing these shows in any particular order, but if I was, Grey's is number one. This show will make you cry and make you laugh. You will feel like you have made some of your best friends and some of your worst enemies. Plus, it has so many seasons, your questions will not be left unanswered.

2. The Nightshift

If you like Grey's, this show is very similar to it.

3. Shameless

Personally, I could relate to this show and again, it has a lot of seasons.

4. Wentworth

This show is so addicting, I watched all of the seasons in a matter of four weeks during the summer and would stay up until 6 am just to keep watching. I could NOT stop watching.

5. Orange Is The New Black

Everyone's favorite and if you have not watched already, you MUST.

6. The Fosters

This show used to be on TV, so if you have not caught it on TV already, binge it!

7. Big Mouth

I did not think that I could get into this show because I heard it is very immature, but if you really are in a bad mood, this will get you out of it and give you something to laugh about.

8. On My Block

This show was just so interesting, the only bad thing about it is that there is only one season, so you will be left on the edge of your seat wanting more. Good news, the new season is coming out soon.


This show gives you a perspective about people with autism and personally, I just enjoyed watching this show. It is sad but it is also happy. A MUST WATCH.

10. Lost Girl

I am currently watching this now, but in a matter of days, I am already on season 3. This show is different, but I can never just stop watching it because I want my questions answered.

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