5 Relationships To Show Your Love On Valentine's Day

People get so swept up in their romantic relationships that they forget about their other loved ones on Valentines Day. As a day dedicated to love it's important to show every person in your life some love on the holiday. It sometimes is hard for us to show love to the ones who mean the most to us, so here are 5 relationships you can show your love to this Valentine's Day:

1. Self-Love

Buy yourself a nice lunch and relax a little. It is good to treat yourself every once in a while because self-love is the most important. Maybe get a manicure or just do something you love that you have not done in a long time.

2. Friendships

Get your friends together for a Galentine's celebration. Single or not, this is the perfect chance to show your friends just how loved they are. You never want your friends to feel like you forgot about them or ditched them for your significant other.

3. Parents

Send your mom some flowers or your dad a gift card or even just a funny Valentines day meme. They are your number ones, so treat them like it.

4. Sibings

They may be annoying, but they have always got your back. I like to send my sister a little something to remind her she's important to me—Like a coffee gift card or snacks.

5. Your significant other

It's a myth that you have to have an extravagant holiday in order to enjoy. Just think about who they are as a person and treat them with love and kindness.

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