why you shouldn't adopt a pit bull

11 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Adopt A Pit Bull

Having owned two pit bulls in my life, this is my compiled list on why you shouldn't own a pit bull.


I have adopted two pit bulls in my life and I don't think I could ever stray away from them. I remember when we adopted the first pit bull, Chance, the tan one in the following photographs, and my dad's friends were worried because of their supposed 'aggressive' nature. He was the most gentle, old soul to exist on this earth. The other pit bull, Angel, the brown one in the following photographs, is the one we just recently adopted after Chance passed away. She is an active, sweet dog that wouldn't hurt a fly. I can say with certainty that these dogs are the best dogs I have ever owned.

All you need to do is give these misunderstood dogs a chance and you will have a loyal friend for life.

1. Pit bulls can't be trusted with children.

How could I encourage someone to get a pit bull when they do so badly with children?

2. Let me reiterate how much pit bulls cannot be alone with children.

Like I said, I could never tell someone to get a pit bull if they have children. It just wouldn't work.

3. Pit bulls don't know how to share the bed.

You can't get a pit bull because you don't want your bed to be taken over by one, right?

4. Pit bulls really don't know how to not be selfish.

I can't tell someone to get a dog that doesn't know how to share a bed. They are such selfish dogs.

5. Pit bulls aren't friendly with people they don't know.

You can't adopt a dog that isn't friendly to people he doesn't know. That would be dangerous for you and others!

6. Pit bulls will only bite you.

Forget having a dog that likes to give you kisses. Instead, all your pit bull will do is bite you. You can't have that!

7. I told you pit bulls will only bite you.

Look at that crazed, maniac pit bull! You can't have a dog that only bites you. Who cares if they are just a dog trying to play? Pit bulls are only out to kill.

8. Pit bulls don't know how to get along with other dogs.

Pit bulls only know how to attack other dogs because they are inherently vicious. You can't adopt a pit bull if you already have dogs in the house! What if your new pit bull kills those dogs you already have?

9. Pit bulls really don't care about their owners.

Honestly, how can I endorse adopting a pit bull when they hate their owners so much?

10. And finally, pit bulls are never grateful for being adopted.

The pit bull you decide to adopt will not be grateful. How can I possibly tell you to go adopt a pit bull when they won't appreciate it? It's not like pit bulls make up most of the dog population in shelters... and currently, have the worst rep despite being one of the best family dogs out there. It would simply be obscene to adopt one.

But seriously. Go adopt that pit bull and forget what the media says about these animals. You will only receive love, gratuity, and an unforgettable best friend in return.

Thanks to Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) in Mobile, Alabama for giving me two of the best dogs that I have ever owned.

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15 Reasons Dogs Are The Best Pets

What did we do to deserve dogs?

I didn't have a dog as a pet until around age 15, but honestly HOW DID I SURVIVE WITHOUT ONE? Not to be too dramatic or anything but they are the best thing to EVER grace the Earth. What did we do to deserve dogs? Nothing. Thank goodness we have them though because I don't know what I would do without mine.

1. You always have a shoulder (or stomach) to cry on.

No matter who makes you sad or upset, your dog is a perfect unbiased source to take all your feelings out on. They won't judge you, and they will always be there to cheer you up or listen to you cry.

2. They keep your bed warm during the night.

When you wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom or have a quick midnight snack, they will always keep laying in your bed and keep it warm for you until you come back.

3. They'll help cleaning up (the food you accidentally spill on the floor)

Yup, no explanation needed.

4. You can always look forward to seeing them when you get home.

No matter if you left for 2 hours or 10 minutes, they will be just as excited to see you.

5. The look on their face when you say 'treat' or 'walk' is unexplainably adorable.

Their face when you ask them to go for a walk can change your whole mood.

6. No matter what time of day, they will always nap with you.

There is no person in the world who is better at cuddling than your dog.

7. They always find new ways to make you laugh.

Sometimes, the littlest things they do can make you laugh the hardest.

8. Dogs are there to always protect you from strangers...

9. No matter how small they are.

10. They make car rides more fun.

Traveling long distances in the car may stink but FEAR NOT! If you travel with your dog you are guaranteed some fun!

11. They are an excuse to not do something.

Invited to a party or event you don't want to go to? "Sorry, I can't, gotta watch my dog!" Works every time.

12. They love you more than they love themselves.

13. You can always trust your dog with your secrets.

Dogs are guaranteed to not go to the first person they see and tell them all the secrets you just told them. Good thing they can't talk.

14. They give you a good reason to post selfies.

Having a good hair day but you just posted a selfie yesterday? Don't worry, just take a picture with your dog!

15. You can't help but love them just as much as they love you.

No matter if you just yelled at them for peeing on the carpet, or chewing up your favorite shoes, you can't help but love them anyways.

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash

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To My Rescue Dog, Thank You For Teaching Me A Lesson In Unconditional Love And Strength

Your perseverance taught me I can get through anything with love.


To my rescue dog Xena,

When I first heard of you, I had no idea you were going to pop into my life. I fought long and hard to get Mom and Dad to let me have your brother, Bolt, and after five years of having him, I did not expect them to want to welcome in another furry friend. I hardly expected them to want to do so as a major hurricane that had just destroyed Puerto Rico barreled its way here, but they did.

Mom called me and told me you existed as I was about to come home. Here, I thought classes finally being canceled was going to be the best news I got all day. She sent me a picture of you in your crate and I did not even have to hear the rest. I knew I wanted to have you. Even if I had to force Bolt to learn to share and be nice, I knew you were mine.

Mom knew too and, after asking me if I was sure I wanted you—can you believe she had to ask?—we set off to bring you home. Bags packed, I met you an hour from home at some shady restaurant in the middle of Melrose. You were tinier than I expected and far skinnier than Bolt, but you wagged your tail at me and even jumped up to give me a kiss without any hesitation, and I fell for you.

I had no idea what you had been through leading up to that moment. They told us you were rescued from Hurricane Harvey only two weeks before, but that was all I knew. I had no clue your foster home had been flooded and that you were forced to float on a couch cushion to stay alive. I had no idea that you were covered in mud when they found you. All I knew when I got to hold you for the first time was that you were a very sweet girl who immediately showed me love.

What the wonders of unconditional love can show you.

You should have seen all of our faces when you first met Bolt. You were too busy sniffing him and already showing him you were the alpha dog to notice, but we were smitten by you. I felt my heart grow full knowing you were getting along with him. I felt utter joy knowing you were allowing us to give you a permanent home.

I was worried though about our future. About your future. We were not in the direct path of Hurricane Irma at the time, but I knew Irma was coming, and I was scared of how you would react. I saw you begin to tremble as it started to rain, and I noticed you begin to follow us around more skittishly than before. You probably thought Bolt was dumb for lounging around like normal. You also probably thought we were ridiculous for trying to get you to go out before things got bad.

That night when things did get bad, I will never forget the lesson you taught me. As I sat in bed, I watched as the path of Irma changed and put us right in the middle of a Category 2 storm and became afraid. I heard the wind start to pick up and I saw the lights flicker and soon go out, and I was terrified. This was the worst storm I was ever going to face. Even as an adult, I felt like crying.

But, then I looked at you. I saw you curled at my side, licking my arm, pawing at me to keep petting you, and I realized something. If a little dog like you could weather a massive hurricane like Harvey, I could get through this storm, too. Even though the wind sounded like a freight train and some trees in our neighborhood fell, you gave me the courage to get through it, Xena. You showed that you can weather any storm and find the happy ending after it if you just keep your strength and march on.

You also showed me, through completely trusting me to keep you safe during Irma, the power of unconditional love. You had known me for only twenty-four hours at the time, and you had just survived probably the scariest event of your life, yet you believed I would not let anything hurt you. You loved me. You blindly trusted I would protect you even when nature did its worst, and I will never forget that.

Bolt (tan) and Xena (black and tan) the day after Hurricane Irma hit Florida. Photo Credit: Laurel Swiderski

I remember it every time I see you now, whether it is at home bothering Bolt or in the picture frame on my apartment desk. You had the strength and love inside you to weather two storms no dog should have to endure alone and came out just fine. If you can do it, my warrior princess of hurricanes, so can I.

So can we all.

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