I have adopted two pit bulls in my life and I don't think I could ever stray away from them. I remember when we adopted the first pit bull, Chance, the tan one in the following photographs, and my dad's friends were worried because of their supposed 'aggressive' nature. He was the most gentle, old soul to exist on this earth. The other pit bull, Angel, the brown one in the following photographs, is the one we just recently adopted after Chance passed away. She is an active, sweet dog that wouldn't hurt a fly. I can say with certainty that these dogs are the best dogs I have ever owned.

All you need to do is give these misunderstood dogs a chance and you will have a loyal friend for life.

1. Pit bulls can't be trusted with children.

How could I encourage someone to get a pit bull when they do so badly with children?

2. Let me reiterate how much pit bulls cannot be alone with children.

Like I said, I could never tell someone to get a pit bull if they have children. It just wouldn't work.

3. Pit bulls don't know how to share the bed.

You can't get a pit bull because you don't want your bed to be taken over by one, right?

4. Pit bulls really don't know how to not be selfish.

I can't tell someone to get a dog that doesn't know how to share a bed. They are such selfish dogs.

5. Pit bulls aren't friendly with people they don't know.

You can't adopt a dog that isn't friendly to people he doesn't know. That would be dangerous for you and others!

6. Pit bulls will only bite you.

Forget having a dog that likes to give you kisses. Instead, all your pit bull will do is bite you. You can't have that!

7. I told you pit bulls will only bite you.

Look at that crazed, maniac pit bull! You can't have a dog that only bites you. Who cares if they are just a dog trying to play? Pit bulls are only out to kill.

8. Pit bulls don't know how to get along with other dogs.

Pit bulls only know how to attack other dogs because they are inherently vicious. You can't adopt a pit bull if you already have dogs in the house! What if your new pit bull kills those dogs you already have?

9. Pit bulls really don't care about their owners.

Honestly, how can I endorse adopting a pit bull when they hate their owners so much?

10. And finally, pit bulls are never grateful for being adopted.

The pit bull you decide to adopt will not be grateful. How can I possibly tell you to go adopt a pit bull when they won't appreciate it? It's not like pit bulls make up most of the dog population in shelters... and currently, have the worst rep despite being one of the best family dogs out there. It would simply be obscene to adopt one.

But seriously. Go adopt that pit bull and forget what the media says about these animals. You will only receive love, gratuity, and an unforgettable best friend in return.

Thanks to Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) in Mobile, Alabama for giving me two of the best dogs that I have ever owned.