“Carmilla” is my favorite web series. I am of the opinion that every person should watch at least the first episode, because it is very likely you will watch the rest of the series. I know I ended up watching it after hearing so much about it on social media! Everything about it is wonderful, and I hope this convinces more of you to watch it!

1. Lesbians

“Carmilla” is super inclusive, and I love it.

2. Vampires.

Better than “Twilight” in every way.

3. A non-binary character.

LaFontaine is so wonderful, intelligent, and brave.

4. Superb acting, writing, and crew.

I love every single person involved in this series.

5. Quotable quotes.

"Pizza or death! Pizza or death!”

6. The fandom

We’re all creampuffs, and not even a little ashamed of it.

7. You’ll ship it all so hard.

Hollstein forever.

8. The subtitles on the videos:

Or “(Semi-stifled useless lesbian laughter.)”

9. The merch!

I love my snapback!

10. A movie trailer was just released.

I’m so ready for 2017!

I hope this convinces at least a few of you to watch the series! Believe me, you will not regret it! I love all of the content involved in episodes lasting only a few minutes long! It's all on "YouTube," and for free. Who can argue with that? Join the dark side, we have creampuffs.