Why Cats Are The Best Pets

Why Cats Are The Best Pets

Are you a cat or a dog person?

Growing up, I always felt that more people had dogs than cats. The reason is unknown but I personally think cats are better in many ways.

The reason I love cats is that they're so tiny and cuddly. It's much easier to share your bed with a cat rather than a dog. Dogs are just bed hogs and take up more than half of a bed, leaving the owner no place to sleep. For cats though, if they take up too much space you just pick them up and move them.

Having a cat goes like this: Oh, you're where my butt belongs, so I'm just going to pick them up and move them. After moving them you can move them back so they don't wake up. It would be a challenge to do all that with a dog.

Something else that works for my family is not having to find someone or someplace to watch them if we go out of town. They're litter trained and know to not eat all the food because it has to last several days. Yet again, for a dog, you can't do that. They have to be let out to go to the bathroom, they eat all their food, try to run away when let out.

Cats, in general, don't take up really any space — I have four and they don't do much. They'll sleep wherever they are allowed, won't beg to get up on a bed/couch, don't whine constantly or at least mine don't. Also, they're fun to have to around. Sometimes they so get in the way, but you just push them away and they usually stay away.

Sometimes they may be very annoying, but most of the time they're pretty decent animals to live with! They also make a great foot warmer during the cold months. Maybe if they snore loud enough you may have a vibrating foot warmer! Probably one of the best things about cats would be they don't eat all the food that is left out by accident! They're very picky eaters and only eat select brands.

If I'm sick or not feeling well, my cats will come lay next to me so they know I'm OK. If someone else is home and you're sick, they may go get another person for you so you don't have to do much.

Cats are very intelligent animals and would do anything for their owners. They'll sleep, cuddle, let you know when they want food by finding you. Yes, I sometimes hide from them because I don't feel like feedings them and they really don't do anything all day — they're constantly napping.

Cats are honestly just the perfect animals and everyone needs to realize how kind, loving and compassionate they really are. They get along with humans and other animals (sometimes they don't but not usually.) If they can't get along with others it sometimes means they had no attention in their last home they lived in. Now, are you ready to go get a cat?!

Cover Image Credit: Kaitlin Vachon

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10 Things I Wish Animal Rights People Knew About The Livestock Industry

Get educated.

So last week, I wrote an open letter to PETA, calling them out on their lack of salvation for the animals burned by the recent wildfires. I received a lot of attention for this article, both good and bad.

In reading the comments posted in response by animal right's activists, I discovered some things that just didn't add up. Amidst the insults and hypocrisy, there were just some downright stupid assumptions that these people see as facts. It's not their fault, they're just uneducated, so I feel we as an industry should try to get some truth out there.

So, here are 10 things I wish animal right's supporters knew about the livestock industry:

1. A 20-25 year life expectancy for cows is not realistic.

Just because some cow somewhere lived to be 25 does not mean that they would live that long without the agriculture industry. Most cows used for beef production live to be about 13-15 years old and die of natural causes. In sandy environments, cows live around 5-9 years because the sand degrades their teeth to the point that they cannot eat.

2. Livestock would mate and reproduce each year without the help of humans.

I kinda thought it was common knowledge that most species cycle monthly when they reach sexual maturity. When females cycle, they do their best to get bred. There's no forcing going on there. If they were left in the wild, they would still mate and reproduce causing inbreeding.

SEE ALSO: Don't Buy That Coverup: Boycott Animal Testing

3. Farmers and Ranchers are not just upset at the loss of profit from these fires.

I couldn't believe my eyes the first time I read this, and then the second, and eighth. Farmers and ranchers are not only upset about the loss of profit, which is devastating, but also upset to see their animals suffer. Have you ever had to put something out of its misery? Watch a cow writhe around sluffing its charred flesh off, hear it wheeze, and watch a rancher put a bullet in its head out of pity, and I guarantee the sadness in that rancher's heart isn't about money.

4. All "momma cows" are not dairy cows.

There are hundreds of breeds of cattle out there. Some breeds have certain traits that are suited for different parts of production agriculture. Not every momma cow is milked by hand daily and her milk sold.

5. All dairy calves are not ripped from their mother and slaughtered moments after birth.

I don't know much about the dairy industry, but since it is up and running obviously there has to be live calves to grow into cows and bulls.

6. Beef cattle are not raised in closed quarters.

The operations that raise beef cattle from birth are called cow/calf operations. These cattle roam over large pastures and fields most of their lives.

7. Sheep are sheared for their own good.

I cannot count how many pictures I have seen posted by animal rights organizations of mutilated sheep. That's gross and unless someone is a complete dunce with a razor, that never happens. Sheep will overheat with a full coat, or become matted to the point he/or he cannot move.

8. There is not enough cropland to sustain everybody in the world.

Oh man, okay so as Animal Rights Activists you guys want us to let all the cows, horses, sheep, goats, and pigs roam at their own free will. You think we can all live off veggie-tales reruns and rainbows but that is not so. If all animals are roaming free, they have to eat too. So they need space, and the crops humans eat need space. IT WON'T WORK.

9. It's not all about the money.

Lol, yeah right. Have you worked in agriculture? The bank owns our asses.

10. It's not gonna happen.

You can go on your crusades, you can martyr yourselves. It's not gonna work. Meat will always be a necessity.

But mostly PETA people, get educated!

Cover Image Credit: Straight

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Finding Light On Your Rainy Days And Important Self Care

There are so many ways to treat yourself on days like this where everything just stops for a moment, the world is expecting nothing of us and instead allows nature take over that way we can relax.

With the weather being dreary and tiring over the last week and the forecast not looking the best for the next few days, there are many ways to bring to the surface on how to love the rainy days.

For starters, the day is most likely going to be a gloomy one which to me makes everything feel less serious.

You can be lazy all day and you won’t feel bad about it because nothing is expected of you in this moment.

Wrap yourself under the blankets and work with the darkness outside watching Netflix all day knowing you don’t have to get up.

I personally love to put on some music after and open the windows, that way I’m able to listen to the rain.

Sometimes baking is even nice to do, the saying calories don’t exist on the weekend I would say applies to rainy days as well.

Doing nothing is so relaxing and once you start to think of these kind of days in a positive light rather than a negative or moody kind of atmosphere you will realize how nice it is to let it all in.

There is something about the noise that comes with rain and thunder that takes over and allows you to just release any stress and not worry about anything.

I find that my best writing days are when the weather is bad like this because I’m not being overwhelmed by the silence or the anxiety of having other things to do, I know I can just sit here being that most people in my position are having an off day of responsibilities too.

Although I made the statement about doing nothing because no one expects anything out of you that also ties me to the point of why I like to use these days to get the best workout in.

Going for a run in the rain gives me something to be distracted on and for some reason it motivates me to keep going. I know if I’m able to get a hard work out in this I won’t feel so bad if I give myself a lighter workout a different day.

There is also no denying that being at the gym when the weather is bad makes me feel so much more confident in work ethic, the fact most people are lying in bed because “it’s raining” makes me feel unstoppable.

Sometimes I even find myself with at the library with coffee either reading or online shopping.

There are so many ways to treat yourself on days like this where everything just stops for a moment, the world is expecting nothing of us and instead allows nature take over that way we can relax.

In regards to that, next time you are handed one of these torrential downpours, let it excite you rather than frighten or sadden you and figure out the ways the make you learn to appreciate them.

Cover Image Credit: facebook audi photography public

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