Why Cats Are The Best Pets

Why Cats Are The Best Pets

Are you a cat or a dog person?

Growing up, I always felt that more people had dogs than cats. The reason is unknown but I personally think cats are better in many ways.

The reason I love cats is that they're so tiny and cuddly. It's much easier to share your bed with a cat rather than a dog. Dogs are just bed hogs and take up more than half of a bed, leaving the owner no place to sleep. For cats though, if they take up too much space you just pick them up and move them.

Having a cat goes like this: Oh, you're where my butt belongs, so I'm just going to pick them up and move them. After moving them you can move them back so they don't wake up. It would be a challenge to do all that with a dog.

Something else that works for my family is not having to find someone or someplace to watch them if we go out of town. They're litter trained and know to not eat all the food because it has to last several days. Yet again, for a dog, you can't do that. They have to be let out to go to the bathroom, they eat all their food, try to run away when let out.

Cats, in general, don't take up really any space — I have four and they don't do much. They'll sleep wherever they are allowed, won't beg to get up on a bed/couch, don't whine constantly or at least mine don't. Also, they're fun to have to around. Sometimes they so get in the way, but you just push them away and they usually stay away.

Sometimes they may be very annoying, but most of the time they're pretty decent animals to live with! They also make a great foot warmer during the cold months. Maybe if they snore loud enough you may have a vibrating foot warmer! Probably one of the best things about cats would be they don't eat all the food that is left out by accident! They're very picky eaters and only eat select brands.

If I'm sick or not feeling well, my cats will come lay next to me so they know I'm OK. If someone else is home and you're sick, they may go get another person for you so you don't have to do much.

Cats are very intelligent animals and would do anything for their owners. They'll sleep, cuddle, let you know when they want food by finding you. Yes, I sometimes hide from them because I don't feel like feedings them and they really don't do anything all day — they're constantly napping.

Cats are honestly just the perfect animals and everyone needs to realize how kind, loving and compassionate they really are. They get along with humans and other animals (sometimes they don't but not usually.) If they can't get along with others it sometimes means they had no attention in their last home they lived in. Now, are you ready to go get a cat?!

Cover Image Credit: Kaitlin Vachon

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Open Your Eyes, Animals Are Gay, Too

So are animals brainwashed, as well?

Gaycism | gay + racism | noun

Intense fear or hatred of homosexuality

Homosexual sex, relations, and love are exhibited through prehistoric times, the era of the Greeks and Romans, and Victorian England. However, human beings aren't the only known gay creatures. Animals, ranging from lions, dolphins, monkeys, penguins, giraffes, bison, warthogs, lizards, elephants, hyenas, and other species can also be gay. You know why? Because being born gay has to do with biological origin—genes.

Don't believe me? Believe the scientific evidence, unless you're against science, as well.

Scientists have claimed that "homosexual behavior... is not only common, it's the norm." Although these cases were once seen as anomalies, these relations have been observed for decades, and Bruce Bagemihl's "Biological Exuberance," brought to light how common homosexuality is within the animal kingdom. Gay behavior is exhibited in approximately "10% of prevailing species throughout the world."

So many animals participate in homosexual relations as they seek for pleasure: "sexual intercourse, courtship, emotional bonds, partnership, and even child-rearing behavior." Even more noteworthy is the benefit, specifically as an "evolutionary mechanism," these behaviors are and how they are advantageous to the animal kingdom. Ergo, although homosexual relations seems to be "evolutionary paradox," natural animals continue to express these behaviors, which strengthen bonds between creatures.

So, why can't humans do so, as well?

The fluid sexuality of animals include us humans—another natural species. Additionally, don't argue that humans are more developed beings than other animals and, thus, are not categorized with animals. Please, we are mammals—a specific type of animal—and being gay is not "purely a cognitive trait of human beings."

Shockingly, I've had a generating conversation with one of my peers about the gay community, what it means to be gay, and the reasons behind one's sexual orientation. I was horrified by the individual's words. Although I know I can't change people's opinions, I hope to help show the world the innate behavior homosexuality is: No, the gay parades, flags, and glitter are not brainwashing humans. Instead, sexuality—heterosexuality, homosexuality, and the in-betweens of the spectrum—are quite simply naturally embedded in our DNA.

In our world filled with hatred, there is no room for gaycism. Animals aren't homophobic, so are the more complex of the animals—humans—filled with such fear?

Cover Image Credit: queer_crystal on Instagram

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Just Because I Got My Dog From A Breeder Doesn't Give You The Right To Adopt Judgment

My Sper is my life


You always hear the saying, "adopt don't shop."

Which means adopt your dog from an animal shelter and don't pay for one. But what happens when one does buy their dog. Does it make them any less of a pet owner? The answer should be no, but it varies depending on who you ask. Just because some of us buy our dogs from breeders or shops, it does not mean that we are any less of a pet owner than those who adopt. We don't love our dogs any less and we for sure don't have any less of a bond with our animals.

I got my dog from a breeder and she is the best thing that I have ever gotten.

I did just as much research as any potential dog owner would. I even checked out the local shelters, but there were no daschunds. I knew exactly the dog I wanted and I wasn't going to change my mind, this is why I went with the breeder. The breed that I was going to get just wasn't in the shelters and when there was any even inkling about one, well it would be gone within the hour. But I had people make remarks to me because I got my dog from a breeder. "Well I guess you signed a dog's death sentence" this was a comment that someone actually said to me. Dogs from breeders and shops need owners too, they deserve just as much love as the rescue dogs. Why should I be branded a bad pet owner because I chose to go a different route than another. I respect those who rescue dogs more than they'll ever know, they deserve that respect. If I had wanted a different breed than maybe I would've found my perfect dog in the one of the shelters.

We need to change the way that we see those who get their dogs differently.

We need to stop branding those who "shop" as worse pet owners or as people who "sign dog's death sentences". That is not the case at all, I love my dog as much as every other pet owner loves their animal, my sper is my life. So please no more "adopt don't shop" because if someone wants to open their home to a pet and share their love with someone, we need to support them. Not bash them down for the place the chose to get their dog from.

Just remember animals know nothing but love, let's make sure that we give them that, no matter where they are from.

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