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5 Things You Should Buy On Amazon Prime Right Now

Listicles make the world go round, don't @ me.

5 Things You Should Buy On Amazon Prime Right Now

To those with an Amazon Prime account, you're probably not using it to its full potential. The world has gotten so lazy that online shopping is booming, and Amazon is here to cater to our needs. You may be asking yourself what are the best possible items to buy on Amazon Prime, or maybe I'm just telling you that. Anyways, here are the top things you should be buying on Amazon Prime.

1. Batteries.

If you didn't know that Amazon manufactures its own batteries, don't worry, you're not the only person. It's not common knowledge. Seriously though, you can buy Amazon Prime batteries, and they aren't crappy. I heard someone buy 48 AA Amazon-branded batteries for $11 - who would complain about that?

2. Electronics.

Any type of electronic nowadays can be assumed to be cheaper on Amazon. SD cards, extension cords, even an aux cord for your car can be cheaper on Amazon. Don't forget about the big electronics such as televisions, gaming systems, and even computers. Although obvious, you can find some amazing deals on anything electronics-wise on Amazon.

3. Bathroom products.

This one isn't really thought about, but you can actually get your bathroom products cheaper on Amazon than you can in most major grocery stores. This includes soap, towels, deodorant, you name it, it's probably cheaper if you have that Prime account. If you can wait a little bit, it's worth it to get those type of things online.

4. Books.

Don't forget about using Amazon to get your books, and once again, it's probably cheaper. Textbooks, audio books, novels, etc., it can all be found way cheaper on Amazon, especially if you have a Prime account. I'm pretty sure you can get a good deal on any book you are looking for if you are willing to do a bit of research.

5. Pet food.

Dog or cat lovers, this one is probably for you. Buying this in bulk is probably the way to go, and Amazon is actually really good price-wise for buying pet food in bulk. With a Prime account, it could make it even more of a steal because of the multiple options you can get it. I haven't personally done this, but I heard it's a good plan.

Happy e-shopping!

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