Put on your yarmulke. It's time for Hanukkah. A saying we hear each year. the quote was first said in Adam Sandler's "The Channukkah Song" back on Saturday Night Live in 1995. Despite the amount of attention his song, the holiday's story, and the famous dreidel game receives each year, not much of it gets seen through movies on the big and small screens.

Adam Sandler might have "Eight Crazy Nights" and The Rugrats might have their Hanukkah special, however, as many individuals agree, there aren't nearly as many Hannukkah films compared to Christmas. Although the holiday might be more than halfway done, here are seven reasons why there should be more Hannukkah movies in the future.

1. It will educate people on the holiday

Dreidels, loches, lights, and let's not forget everyone's favorite part, the presents, are all component's of what is known as the festival of lights. Films would be another way to educate those who are interested and don't celebrate it. Who wouldn't want to learn why it's celebrated for a week instead of a day or two?

2. It adds more to the holiday spirit

Snow, Christmas trees, light, ornaments, reindeer, and music, are just some of the ways people get into the holiday spirit each year. Since it usually comes before Christmas and Kwanza, a movie with a menorah, dreidel, chocolate coins, and more, can help people get even more into it.

3. It will generate diversity

Between the three celebrations, moviegoers and viewers at home don't see this. Most of the time, they only see movies that have stories revolving around Christmas. More with stories revolving around Hannukkah as well can help create diversity.

4. More options for all platforms

Films come and go in and out of theaters, on television networks, and even streaming services. At times, viewers and moviegoers are left with nothing they are interested in seeing. A new comedy similar to "Eight Crazy Nights" or an animated one with characters we love like The Simpsons, The Griffin's, The Smith's, Rick and Morty, and let's not forget Stan, Kyle Cartman, and Kenny, can give them something to see when nothing is left to. It can also bring change to those who are interested in seeing something new.

5. It can be another thing to do during the eight nights

During that time, family and friends get together to light the menorah, munch on food, and gift exchange. A Hannukkah themed movie, can entertain hosts and their guests, even more.

6. They can be blockbusters

Whether it's about a family celebrating it or an action film with some big named stars portraying Macabee's taking control of Judea, there's a very good chance that that next holiday blockbuster, can be one that revolves around the eight nights.

7. It would add more holiday-themed programming to cable networks

Freeform has 25 Days of Christmas and Hallmark has their Countdown to Christmas. Who wouldn't want eight nights of Hanukkah?