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In Case You Were STILL Wondering, Yes, You Should Be A Feminist

It seems like a lot of people are confused on what a feminist is. Let's clear that up.



To a lot of people, this is a scary term. They associate a feminist with "feminazis." People think a feminist is a person, usually a woman, who hates men and want women to be the "top gender." That a feminist wants all men to die and all kinds of crazy accusations.

Well, we're not.

A feminist is a person who wants equal rights and equal responsibility for all genders and races. THAT'S IT. No death to men, no witch hunting, none of that. And the thing is, people are ashamed to say they're feminists? Which confounds me? If you're a person who's ashamed of, or doesn't want, equal rights and equal responsibility for all genders and races then honey I don't have anything else I can say to you.

You may be curious as to what this entails. Being a feminist means that when a man is raped, I defend him. A teenage boy in high school is manipulated into sex with a female teacher? HE ISN'T LUCKY. HE SHOULDN'T BE GRACIOUS.


And a true feminist would be there for him to defend him and believe him in this troubling time. Being a feminist also means that I want a woman of any race to make as much money as a man. If a black woman and a white man are hired for the same job, he shouldn't be paid more. Which to me just seems like that should be a thing anyway.

To me, it seems like everyone should be a feminist, right? Unless you don't like a certain race (which yes makes you a racist) or don't like a certain gender (which yes makes you misogynists or misandrous), which if you are either of those things I'm gonna be honest: I don't value the opinions of those who hate people for their demographic.

I've heard the argument that women have plenty of rights in the 21st century. Yes, a white woman in the USA in the 21st century does have a lot of rights and that's fantastic. But newsflash: this isn't the state of the entire world. There are 11-year-old girls in 3rd world countries being married to 40-year-old men against their well. We fight for them. Just because I am okay and I have fundamental rights, doesn't mean that every woman in the world does.

And that's what I want, what all true feminists should want.

If you've ever encountered someone who claims to be a feminist but also wants men to die and women to be the main gender, they are not a true feminist and have their view of feminism skewed.

In conclusion, I really can't see a sane person who doesn't hate people for demographic reasons not claiming to be a feminist.

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