Here's To A Shorter Work Week
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Here's To A Shorter Work Week

A whole 24 extra hours of no working? No way, no way!

Here's To A Shorter Work Week

Do you ever just wonder what genius decided to divide a seven day week into five and two? Because me too.

I think I'm speaking on behalf of most people when I say the work week should be shorter. If my religion really wants me to treat Sunday as a day of rest, it's only fair that I receive an extra day to complete all of my other activities.

If we are given four days to get up and go to school or get up and go to work, we would be so much more focused. We'd all have three days for our brains to rest which is a whole extra 24 hours of relaxation for my brain. As a result, the attention span of employees and students would be much greater than it is now and more work would probably get accomplished.

I don't know about you but I really, really, really like my sleep. I cannot function without sleep. Most people feel the same way. Sleep deprivation can be very dangerous. Especially for those driving to and from work, operating machinery, or simply working on a computer. It's common sense that the less sleep you receive, the greater your chances are of making an error.

With an increase in sleep and relaxation, think about the decrease in stress. Only four days in the office would equate to three days out of the office. Three days out of the office allows time to decompress and socialize with family and friends, which is a very important part of life.

The only bad thing about having three whole days off would be the amount of time available to clean. A whole extra 24 hours would be available to get chores done around the house or outside and that's just not fun at all. So I suggest a protest. A protest that is in favor of an extra day off but that extra day cannot be spent doing anything boring. It has to be used to do something that will bring you closer to your friends and family or something that relaxes you.

Now, if you're one of those people that clean as a way to destress then go for it. But don't drag other people into it because that's just not how they want to spend their extra 24 hours off.

Also, who doesn't hate Mondays? If everyone received a Monday off, then Tuesday would become the new Monday but by the time you're two days in your work week, you've already hit your hump day. Thus, Monday's just wouldn't be that bad anymore.

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