short girl problems

15 Things All Girls Who Are Shorter than 5'3" know too well

No I don't want a kids menu


Being short can have its pros and cons. I've gotten discounts because my height makes me look like a kid. On the other hand, I can't find jeans that fit me right.

1. Mirror selfies turn out to be a disaster

Any time I try to take a selfie in the mirror at a restaurant, it 9 times of of 10 comes out like this. At least my hair looks cute.

2. Climbing shelves to get something off the top

Catch me at Walmart climbing the shelf on aisle 9

3. Barely touching the bottom in a 5 ft pool

I literally have to stand on my tip toes in a 5ft pool. People look at me crazy but I don't care.

4. Basically getting in the washer to get your clothes out

I can't tell you how many times I have hurt my abdomen trying to get my laundry out of the washer.

5. Finding the perfect length of jeans is a chore itself

I have to buy the short length jeans because regular length is too long. I have to special order my length most of the time. Come on, help the short people out.

6. Getting blinded by the sun while driving

This is the problem I face DAILY. Even my sunglasses don't help. We need to fight for longer visors!

7. Being an arm rest for your tall friends

Look, I'm not an arm rest. Stop it

8. Your feet NEVER touch the floor when you're sitting in a chair

Don't you just love the feeling of your feet dangling?

9. Getting mistaken for a child

True story. My family and I went to the Titanic museum in Tennessee. They let me in on a kids ticket and did not ask my age. I believe I was 13 and the age limit was 10. This isn't all that bad since I'm saving money.

10. Sitting right up under the steering wheel

If someone else drives my car, they ALWAYS ask me why my seat is so close to the steering wheel. I'm 5'2. I can't reach the gas pedal.

11. Maxi dresses are a NO

I still wear them anyways only if I have my heels

12. Barely being tall enough to ride roller coasters

I'm sorry. You're not tall enough for this ride.

13. Being the shortest of your friends

Literally me

14. Concerts or movies usually suck if someone is in front of you

Just throw me over the crowd

15. Capris are basically regular jeans that make you flood

I've been guilty of flooding while wearing capris. No shame.

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