Thoughts While Shopping
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55 Thoughts Everyone Has While Shopping

The inside look into a teenage girl's mind while high on shopping

55 Thoughts Everyone Has While Shopping

Shopping: one of America's favorite pastimes. Some people hate it and refuse to step inside stores for anything more than a quick grab and dash, but most people love it. As someone who lives in South Florida, where people flock from around the world with empty suitcases to come to our malls, you could say that I'm somewhat of an avid shopper myself. I'm the type of shopper who will stay at the mall for hours and hours until the doors start closing and who will have to run around the mall trying to find an unlocked exit. So the other day, I decided to document my thoughts as I shopped, and here they are.

1. Alright, time to shop! Woo hoo!

2. How much cash do I have, again?

3. How much is on my debit card?

4. How strong are my arms today?

5. I have some comfortable shoes on and can walk for hours!

6. Okay, where to go first?

7. Oh, a sale! Perfect!

8. What the heck, did they switch the guys and girls side?

9. Nevermind, I see a dress.

10. That's way too expensive.

11. That's not enough clothing to cover anyone's body.

12. That's way too baggy for me.

13. Is this a skirt or a shirt?

14. I guess I'll try it on to see.

15. Hm, I still can't really figure it out.

16. How do they have every size but mine?

17. Really? 17 larges and not a single small?

18. I found a small!

19. ...and it's stained.

20. I liked that mannequin's shirt that I saw, maybe I'll look for that.

21. Why can't I find it anywhere?

22. *asks employee* It's not in stock???

23. Oh, there’s a 2 for $20 sale, and this shirt’s $15 otherwise?

24. I guess I should find another one then.

25. But do I reallllllllly wanna have to try it on?

26. Nah, I’ll just buy it now and return it later if I have to.

27. I don’t think I have any shorts that aren’t tight. I’ll get some new ones.

28. ...but what size am I?

29. I’ll just grab like four different sizes, one of them will have to fit me.

30. Hm, I can’t decide between these two bathing suits.

31. Do I really NEED another bathing suit?

32. I’ll ask my friends which they like better.

33. They all said the one I didn’t like as much?

34. I guess I’ll get both and decide later.

35. Wow, pushing clothing on racks really is a workout.

36. Have I really been in this store for an hour and a half already?

37. Alright, gotta go try everything on now.

38. That girl who just walked out has the cutest shirt on! I want it!

39. Are you serious, 'only five things at a time?'

40. Alright, hold these for me, and I’ll try them on next.

41. Oh, this looks so cute!

42. Of course my mom picked this shirt out for me.

43. I think I’m trying on the same shirt as the girl next to me.

44. Mom: "Where are you, Johanna?" Me: "In here!"

45. Mom: "I have seven new shirts and two new shorts for you!"

46. I wish my stomach was a littttttttle flatter for this, but I’ll buy it anyways because #selflove

47. Why did I even pick this out? This looks horrible on me.

48. *leaves dressing room* I have to go switch sizes for these shorts that I was trying on.

49. Dressing room attendant: "You have to wait in line again, then."

50. Ugh...

51. How much money do I have again?

52. Alright, time to calculate how much I can buy.

53. Oh, I forgot about the taxes!

54. I’m kind of hungry now that I think about it.

55. Oh well, next store!

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