It Is Time To Wake Up
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It Is Time To Wake Up

There are people all around us who are waging wars against theirself, for reasons that cannot be explained. It is time that we show each and every person suffering from a mental illness that they aren't fighting their war alone. Society, it is time we wake up.

It Is Time To Wake Up

a war rages inside the depths of her mind

she tries to stop it with shaky hands full

full of a rainbow of prescription pills

the doctors said it would make the war stop; but it goes on still

her heart rips itself; shreds like red paper

she wails

her new mascara runs down her body creating a piece of artwork

the fragile mind of hers wages a war on her entire body

you keep asking her why she is like this

because you cannot understand

someone's own mind destroying them without reason

society sees the girl

her dress now soiled with black mascara

eyes bloodshot; still teary eyed

the people on the streets just stare

excusing her for being upset

yet we do not realize the battle she is taking on

a one on one war against herself

one she will continue to take on

we cannot grasp her pain; because we do not feel it

her body becomes battered; black and blue

the scars that she has; you wonder where they hail from

they hail from the nights were she was weaker than others

the nights the demon with brown eyes I call depression beat her down

nights spent wailing alone until the demon got her on her hands and knees

until she was hurting on the outside like he made her hurt on the inside

yet she still fights

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