We Can Help Stop The False Sense Of Reality On Social Media With #ShareYourRejection

We Can Help Stop The False Sense Of Reality On Social Media With #ShareYourRejection

Life is not completely made of successes. There are bits of failure or rejection in between, and that is okay.


In this current social media captivated society, we are constantly bombarded by our friends' or acquaintances' personal achievements. Your friends from high school are getting married and your former college classmates are finding great jobs, all while you're at home watching "The Office" for the 17th time and desperately scrolling through career search sites.

It's easy to compare yourself to everything you see on social media. You see an old acquaintance buy a house, and you're excited for them, but you can't help but feel some jealousy sneaking in too. However, comparison really is the thief of joy.

When we post on social media, we are curating what we share to present the best version of ourselves. We only post what we want people to see. We use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to make people think the best of us.

We only share our success.

But is that an accurate representation of who we are? Life is not completely made of successes. There are bits of failure or rejection in between, and that is okay. That is how we learn and grow—through failure.

Authenticity is important in real life outside of social media. Why is being authentic not as important in all aspects of our lives? Maybe it's time we try to be authentic online as well.

What if we shared about our failure and rejection and shared about our success? This ratio would be more accurate to our actual lives and experiences. It would be a truer testament to the way the world actually works.

However, this cannot turn into a pity party or an excuse to complain about our lives. If we are going to share about our failure, we must do so constructively. Since we can curate our social media posts to present only what we would like to convey, we can use our rejection to encourage others to not give up.

If we constructively share our failure, more people will be able to realize and understand that failing is a normal part of living. Failure is a normal stop on the path to success. We can learn from our rejection and inspire people to not give up.

Recently, people have taken to Twitter to share about their failures constructively with the hashtag #ShareYourRejection. Some are well known and others are not, but each story is similar. Even just reading through these Tweets before writing this article has helped me realize that some of the setbacks I've faced recently are nothing to be ashamed of and, in fact, normal.

Take a look at these Tweets.

Some of these are old failures that already have success stories to follow. Others are still working through their rejection. However, nobody is complaining. Nobody is overly bitter, although it can be hard to not be upset after rejection. After all, we're only human. Nobody is perfect. And that is what we are here to learn and understand.

I've submitted some short stories to various literary magazines and been rejected by all of them. I've applied to around 10 jobs this past week and am still waiting to hear back. A few years ago, I interviewed for a job with the city and it went well, but they never called me. I didn't meet my goal last November for National Novel Writing Month, but it's given more so much more time to plan my book and prepare for this year.

What are your failures and rejections? How can you learn from them? Tell the world how you are not going to give up. #ShareYourRejection

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