Shane Dawson Just Ended The Jake Paul Series, What's Next?
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After Watching Shane Dawson's 'Jake Paul' Series, I Think He Needs To Make Videos About These 10 People

If Shane Dawson can make me watch Jake Paul for 45 minutes multiple times a week, he can make me watch anyone.

After Watching Shane Dawson's 'Jake Paul' Series, I Think He Needs To Make Videos About These 10 People
Shane Dawson on Twitter

Shane Dawson was just announced as the "Creator of the Year" at the 2018 Streamy's Awards and he deserves that award more than any other creator on YouTube, no one is denying that.

Shane has been on YouTube for over 10 years now and has done everything from skits to eating shows to now, documentary-style videos. He started doing his documentaries by posting a series about reconnecting with his father. Due to the hard work and time that the video took, he hired Andrew Siwicki to help him film and edit his videos.

Shane has now known documentary series about other YouTube stars such as Trisha Paytas, Tana Mongeau, Bunny Meyer, Jeffree Star, and the most recent, Jake Paul.

Shane's series titled "The Mind of Jake Paul" was an 8 part series that caused a lot of controversy due to Jake's, and his brother, Logan's, bad reputation on YouTube.

However, Shane seemed to clear up a lot of secrets such as the Team10 House, Jake's relationship with ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet, and the motive behind Jake and Logan's behavior. Jake and his friends all agreed to be completely honest about the entire situation and for now, everyone on the Internet seems to be okay with Jake Paul now.

After this video series, everyone is thinking, what will Shane Dawson do next? Here are some great ideas for upcoming docu-series regarding the YouTube community and its stars.

1. David Dobrik

David Dobrik and the Vlog Squad is very similar to Jake Paul and Team10, in my opinion. There are a lot of confusing aspects of their friendship.

Like why do they all live together? Why do they let David harass them? Why is Josh Peck there? Isn't Jason too old to be hanging out with twenty-year-olds?

There are a lot of questions that fans are curious to know. David is one of the youngest YouTube stars and has over 9M subscribers just for being a vlogger. I think Shane could have a lot of fun working with David because similar to Jake Paul, there is a little bit of danger hanging with David. Shane could also interview the entire Vlog Squad, or even talk to "old members" like Gabbie Hanna.

2. Liza Koshy

Liza Koshy was awarded the "fastest YouTube personality to hit 10 million subscribers" in 2017.

Her personality is addictive and there is something so charming, yet hilarious about her. But, I just want to know... how? Liza may have started out on Vine, but she has now starred in films and tv shows, has her own YouTube Red series, and co-hosts two shows on television.

For someone who started out making 6-second videos on an app, how has she become so successful? Shane could dig into her accomplishments and find out the truth about Liza's success and how she has grown so incredibly fast within just the past few years.

3. Jenna Marbles

Another YouTube legend, Jenna Marbles has been around just as long as Shane Dawson.

She has over 18M subscribers and seen every phase of YouTube. For someone to be on the platform as long as she has and still has such a following is incredible. Jenna hosts a podcast with her boyfriend, Julien, and makes videos that are so casual, yet so unique to YouTube.

I think Shane could definitely relate to Jenna and ask her questions about "being a veteran" on YouTube and discuss how she has stayed relevant for so long.

4. Alisha Marie

Alisha Marie is one of the biggest "beauty" personalities on YouTube and is loved by Shane, already. Alisha has been around for around 7 years, starting out with beauty videos, but has now moved onto lifestyle, comedy skits, and vlogging. She is known for having a "picture-perfect" life and Instagram feed.

She recently did a video on her channel about "What No One Knows About Social Media" and discussed the hard truths of being an influencer. I think Shane could really look more into the truths of having to be "perfect" on social media and how mentally draining that is for beauty and lifestyle influencers.

5. Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn Hill is hands down one of the most popular people behind a beauty channel on YouTube because of her amazing tutorials and bubbly personality. Jaclyn has produced multiple beauty products with huge brands like Becca Cosmetics and Morphe Cosmetics.

I think Shane could talk to Jaclyn about her controversial past and really get into the secrets behind why she doesn't really do brand deals like other beauty gurus. Jaclyn recently posted a video titled, "Let's Talk..." where she touched on these topics but as a subscriber, I felt she was still holding back.

I think Shane could really look into that more and dig out the actual answers. He could do something similar to what he did with Jeffree Star and see the inside look of the Morphe cosmetic process regarding Jaclyn, as well.

6. Emma Chamberlain

Emma Chamberlain is the face of the "new-age" of YouTube regarding content and editing styles.

Shane would be able to really decipher why this trend is popular compared to old phases of YouTube and how Emma feels about becoming so popular so fast due to her vlog-style videos.

Emma is also friends with a lot of popular YouTube stars including James Charles, The Dolan Twins, David Dobrik, and Tana Mongeau, yet their content is not similar whatsoever. Shane could also look into that and see how Emma balances being around so many influential creators and how they influence her as well.

7. One of the old members of O2L

If you have been a YouTube watcher for years now, you may remember 02L, or Our 2nd Life. O2L was similar to Team10 because it was a collaborative channel including influencers such as Connor Franta, Ricky Dillon, Sam Pottorff, Trevor Moran, JC Caylen, and Kian Lawley.

Each boy posted a video one day a week, resulting in 5 videos a week. The group ended in 2014, but all kept their individual channels. This group would be so interesting to interview because Shane could go into the details of the 02L house, why the boys left, and where they are now.

8. Cole and Savannah LaBrant

Cole and Savannah Labrant are known for their's with their daughter, Everleigh.

The family is known for their Christian morals and "squeaky-clean" family vlogs. If Shane were to interview them, I think he could really touch on their religious views and what it is like to do YouTube as a family. Their dynamic is interesting because they are parents and they are not only vlogging their lives, but their child's life as well.

9. Safiya Nygaard

Safiya Nygaard originally started out as being a producer for Buzzfeed and was known majorly for her role in the series, Ladylike. Safiya left Buzzfeed in the beginning of 2017 and started her own channel soon after. Safiya does a lot of testing and beauty videos.

Her and her boyfriend, Tyler are becoming rapidly popular on the platform and usually always trending on YouTube. If Shane were to interview her, I think he could definitely go into detail about her history with Buzzfeed and what that meant for her career and her channel.

Safiya has made a video discussing her decision to leave Buzzfeed when she first created her channel but since she is such a popular influencer now, I think Shane could discuss the questions and topics that Safiya didn't mention before.

10. Troye Sivan 

Troye Sivan really does not post that much on YouTube anymore due to his tremendous music career, but his career actually began there.

Troye posted videos starting back in 2012 which more vlog-style and collaborative with creators like Tyler Oakley and Bethany Mota. Troye started releasing singing videos which then led to his EP in 2014. If Shane were to interview him, I think it would be so cool to get an inside look at the music industry and how Troye's career literally flipped.

So many YouTubers try to pursue music, but Troye's career is definitely the most successful.

Shane definitely has changed the game with his documentary-style series.

So much, that the whole world dropped everything they were doing for a whole 45 minutes just to watch Shane Dawson interact with Jake Paul and the rest of Team10. Shane definitely has the platform and influence to really educate so much of his audience so I hope that he continues series like these because not only are they entertaining, but I also learn a lot.

For example, the Jeffree Star series really gave an inside look into the makeup industry and with the Jake Paul series, it really educated people how common sociopaths are and what they are. Whatever Shane decides to do after his break, he definitely deserves all the success that has come to him this year!

Image Credit: Shane Dawson on Twitter

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