Without Emmy Rossum, There Is No 'Shameless'

I'm sure you have all the news at some point that unfortunately explained the departure of Emmy Rossum from the hit Showtime show, "Shameless." Her time has come to an end, and from that, she left fans heartbroken, wondering constantly how "Shameless" is ever going to bounce back without her.

After all, she's the legit glue to the Gallagher family.

Emmy Rossum portrayed the part of Fiona Gallagher, the oldest of six children. Ever since she was tiny, she felt like she had the responsibility of raising her siblings, since their mother was absent and their father was a come-and-go drunk. She fed them, sent them to school, and more, without the useless help of her low-life parents. Growing up in the suburbs surrounding Chicago was also a big test for all the Gallaghers, so that made everything much more challenging.

Obviously, we are going to suffer a great amount. Fiona was seriously the heart of the family. She protected the kids from what she could. She helped them get jobs, and she scraped her way through with food stamps and jiggle change. She made something out of herself, so it's hard to let that go.

Without Emmy Rossum, there is no "Shameless." I'll tell you why.

Fiona is the focal point. Everything comes back to her. Every action, every event, every accident somehow connects with her first. When you're watching the show, there are never any scenes when she is left out of something.

Other viewers could argue that this show mainly follows the life of Frank Gallagher, who I previously described as the come-and-go drunk father. Although the show will tend to focus on some of his whereabouts, the show is more directly pointed at the kids, mostly Fiona.

A lot of crap goes down, so what's the point of not having Emmy Rossum?

There isn't one. Everyone has a purpose, but Fiona is more than just a purpose.

What I've been wondering lately is how Emmy and the producers are going to make her exit. Are they going to make her run off with somebody? Is she going to move away from her family? Will she have last-minute plans? Are the producers going to replace her with a Fiona look alike? All I know is that they better not kill her off! That'd be tragic.

It's just simply put, there is no "Shameless" without Emmy Rossum's sassy and badass contribution. We will always remember her legacy she left behind, but it just won't be the same. I will continue to watch the show, and I will still support my Gallaghers, but it will be hard to not see her there, and it will be so much different.

We will miss you, Emmy. F***ing Gallaghers!

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