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With the recent release of Rihanna's beauty line, Fenty Beauty, most MUAs and makeup users have been commending Rih on her full shade range. As most of us know, finding the right undertones and color in general can be impossible, especially if you have extremely fair skin or extremely deep skin. The release of the full range really shows that Fenty Beauty kept their future customers and catered to their wants and needs.

There is always a problem in the beauty community regarding the shade range that cosmetic companies provide. One of the more recent problems was with KKW Beauty and their new contouring sticks/powders. Nyma Tang reviewed the sticks, proving that the "deep dark" shades do not work with deep skin tones, and NikkieTutorials reviewed the fairest shade, also proving that the powders weren't compatible with fair skin.

It seems as if with full range comes high price, and the drug store definitely proves that. When looking for affordable foundations and concealers, you usually have to search and end up buying more than one shade in order to mix. When foundations range from $3-$100, you can see how that ends up being quite the problem. While Rihanna's prices are a little high, the shade range includes almost any you can think of. This way there is a decent chance you would only have to buy one instead of two or three different shades in order to work with it. It also has been said to oxidize, so that's something to keep in mind.

While this isn't exactly a "review" of Fenty Beauty, mainly because I haven't tried it, the reviews have been very positive from all skin types and tones. It's interesting to see how much hype a new brand is getting, not only from it's famous creator, but for the products themselves. The care Rihanna put into her packaging, formula, and consumers is unlike what the beauty community has seen. Normally brands claim to "broaden their shade range" after the initial release, which can take months or years for them to come through. This way, all beauty consumers can jump right onto their favorite products to try and hopefully make them work. Even her highlights and concealers come in shade-range friendly colors, making Fenty Beauty a heavy competitor in the beauty community.

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